Product Suitability

Our software is set up to ship a wide range of products, from washers to fridge freezers. No matter how big or small the items or orders, our software is flexible enough to ensure that clients run efficiently.


We also have specialist features for specific markets such as Nutraceuticals, Supplements, Cosmetics, Skincare, Consumer Electronics and Media.


Our strict controls and special features for management of batch numbers and expiry dates make us provider of choice for date and batch critical products.


James and James Fulfilment utilise specialist techniques to ensure high speed but accurate processing of digital media.


Nutraceuticals and Supplements

Whether tablets, powders, capsules, liquids or sprays we can reduce costs and increase efficiency for our clients by careful monitoring of best before end dates.


Cosmetics & Skin care

Beauty products may be small and often look similar but our ControlPort system maintains accuracy and correct batch control ensuring perfect stock rotation and fresh product.


Consumer electronics & media

DVDs and other media look identical other than the covers. But we have developed special picking techniques for media to increase the speed of picking, as well as date management to ensure perfectly timed new releases.

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