Intelligent Reports

Accurately managing inventory is key to maximising a business’ potential. Intelligent Reporting enables clients to quickly identify what needs doing with exact details, allowing them to spend time managing issues, not trying to find them.

This allows our clients to:

  • Reduce administration costs
  • Run leaner, with less capital tied up in inventory
  • Have happier customers whose orders are always in stock and delivered on time
  • Grow their businesses faster, due to greater efficiencies and capacity
  • Gain genuine insight on how their business could perform better

Always up to date

At James and James Fulfilment, all our data is real time, eliminating the need to schedule, run and re-run reports. It can be view by staff anywhere in the world. Our live reports give our clients confidence in every decision they make.

Access anywhere, anytime

All of our software is web-based allowing clients to check a report, or edit an order from any device - be it from the office or on the beach.

Information, not tables

When a client looks at a stock report, what they really want to know is 'have I got enough? They are rarely interested in the number itself. We present easy to read data, allowing users quick understanding of their current position; no more downloading to spreadsheets and no more calculations.


Our ControlPort system details every step without confusing clients. On every screen and report, clients can click on every aspect to see more information for a deeper analysis.

Alerting, not problem solving

Wouldn't it be nice if there were no problems? If there was always enough inventory? Advance notice of a potential issue is better than trying to manage the problem that results. That is why the software automatically sends an alert when your inventory is getting low, going out of date or has been delivered short.

Inventory analysis report.pngLow stock values are not based on any fixed figure, because businesses don't stand still. Instead the software works to your lead times - using historical sales figures, to automatically alert when it is time to re-order from suppliers.

Live reporting highlights potential Best Before End issues while there is still time to react, dramatically reducing the risk of out-of-date stock and removing the need for clearance sales.

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