WMS Features

Our  warehouse management system - ControlPort, is technology at its best. Great technology improves things, making them faster, cheaper, more efficient and more accurate. 

Our warehouse management solution is continually evolving and due to our cloud deployment, every client has the latest version.

Here are just a few key features

Pro-active Forecasting

ControlPort’s features have our client’s long term benefit in mind. We manage warehouse inventory with automated alerts anticipating depleted stock or Best Before End issues because we value your long term business and our system features prove this.


Storage space optimisation

We increase storage density and reduce errors. This results in a significant reduction in pick and put away times, whilst increasing storage capacity.

Speed of packing

ControlPort has many features designed specifically to optimise the speed of order picking and packing. These features are sophisticated enough that they improve processing across multiple order sets and we are constantly innovating to make it even better. Our WMS reduces errors due to its user led design features.

Customer service

Real_Time_Tracking.pngWe show absolutely everything the customer or client might want to know in real time. There are many customer service features; we can tell the order’s status at any moment from pick to delivery. The ability to look back as well as forward in an order’s status history helps to quickly investigate in the rare instance that there might be a problem.

Speed of delivery and accuracy of delivery

With so many different zones and charges, choosing the right courier can be challenging so our warehouse management system automatically selects the best courier from your portfolio based on easy to understand criteria. Urgent orders are accurately prioritised because delivering to the customer's expectations is vitally important.

To keep up-to-date with the full feature list of our warehouse management system, contact us today.

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