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Neil Sant

As Chief Operations Officer at J&J, Neil has many years of experience in planning, designing, and delivering successful large-scale projects and operations. He’s passionate about operational improvement, and doesn’t shy away from rolling up his sleeves and getting stuck in. Neil is well-known at James and James for his impeccable dress sense and enthusiasm for electric cars.

Inventory Management

20 May 2024

What is Stock Control?

Proper stock control lies at the heart of effective inventory management and is crucial for maintaining a streamlined business model. By accurately managing stock levels, you can ensure that you meet customer demand without incurring unnecessary storage costs. This balance...

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5 February 2024

How long does international shipping take?

For any online retailer who is shipping internationally, it’s important to know how long shipping will take for each destination they are serving. This enables them to be transparent with their customers, and helps the customer to make an informed...

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Inventory Management

5 January 2024

Why inventory management is important

Struggling with stock imbalances and inflated costs? Effective inventory management is the unsung hero in streamlining your business’s operations and boosting growth. Dive into our guide to discover why inventory management is important and how mastering this skill ensures optimal...

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Inventory Management

8 November 2023

What is dead stock?

It’s not uncommon for the number of SKUs a business sells to grow as the business does. When this happens, it gets much more difficult to manage inventory, and we can end up forgetting about those products lying on the shelf that nobody has bought.

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