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To ensure we offer the best value for your business, we don’t provide off-the-shelf fulfillment costs and pricing. Instead, we take the time to discuss your needs and present a tailored solution.

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    First, we’ll have an initial consultation to discuss your needs and how we can help. Then, we’ll put together a tailored proposal and comprehensive transition plan. Finally, an onboarding specialist will provide one-to-one training so you can get the most out of our software and service.

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    Technology backed service delivery

    Now it’s time to enjoy a reliable, scaleable, and efficient fulfillment service. Through ControlPort (our custom-built, cloud based software), you’ll have complete clarity and control over warehouse management, real time updates on stock levels and orders, and much more.

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    Scale Up with us!

    With fulfillment taken care of, it’s time to grow your business. Reinvest your time into product development, marketing, networking, and focus on scaling your business. You won’t be doing that alone; James and James offer a wealth of support, tools, and resources to help your business reach its full potential.

    Who works with us?

    We specialise in fulfillment for fast-growing brands that sell direct-to-consumer online.

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    Brands that are ready to scale

    We help brands with proven products, established business models and growing sales get to the next level.

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    300+ orders per month

    We ease the growing pains of brands that are already shipping – or are about to ship – 300+ orders per month.

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    Direct-to-consumer sales

    We specialise in D2C eCommerce fulfillment, rather than traditional pallet-based storage and distribution.

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    Small, lightweight products

    We’re optimised for fast-moving consumer products that are smaller than a football and lighter than a laptop.

    CBD oil products, as fulfilled by James and James

    CBD oil fulfillment

    Our organic warehouse, batch control, fast shipping and discrete packaging help brands deliver an exceptional customer experience in the fast-growing CBD oil market. CBD products we fulfill range from oils to capsules, creams to gummies.

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    Fashion products, as fulfilled by James and James

    Fashion fulfillment

    Fashion brands can improve their customer experience and profitability with us. Through our processes and technology, we offer fast, accurate shipping, trackable online returns, and simple inventory management.

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    Cosmetics products, as fulfilled by James and James

    Cosmetics fulfillment

    We help a wide range of hair and skin care brands meet the needs of today’s online shoppers. Expertly packed items, same-day shipping and online tracking ensure the right order reaches the right customer as fast as possible – without breakages.

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    Organic products, as fulfilled by James and James

    Organic fulfillment

    As one of the first warehouses to be organically certified by the Soil Association, we’ve become the natural choice for organic brands. We store, pick, pack and ship a variety of organic produce, including food, supplements and beauty items.

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    Pet supplies, as fulfilled by James and James

    Pet accessories fulfillment

    From cat flaps to dog leads to animal supplements, we fulfill a wide range of pet supplies. Our service helps brands increase repeat purchase rates, improve their customer experience and better manage their stock with strict batch control.

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    Stationery and gifts, as fulfilled by James and James

    Stationery and gift fulfillment

    When it comes to selling stationery and gifts, presentation and speed of delivery is key. Through our network of clean, secure fulfillment centres, we ship orders rapidly and ensure everyone is packaged perfectly, ready for their recipient.

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    Subscription box fulfillment

    The subscription box market is set to grow rapidly, as start-ups and established brands hop on the trend. We help them build customer loyalty, with fast shipping, online tracking and custom packaging for subscription products.

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    Supplement and vitamin fulfillment

    Whether you’re selling protein powder or vitamin supplements, our organically certified warehouse is the ideal place to store and ship your products. We also offer strict batch control, helping you trace which products were sold when.

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    Luxury fulfillment

    Quite rightly, customers expect their luxury product orders to arrive untarnished and on time. Our global fulfillment centers are equipped with 24/7 surveillance and restricted access areas to house precious luxury items securely. We'll then pack with care, ready for despatch to your eagerly-awaiting customers.

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    An icon of a teddy bear and building blocks to represent toy fulfilment

    Toys and games fulfillment

    Nothing says 'ruined birthday party' more than an undelivered, or even incorrect, toy gift. Whether you've crowdfunded a new toy collection, or you're an established industry giant, our game plan is to ensure your customer orders arrive on time and in perfect condition.

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    Homeware accessories as fulfilled by James and James

    Homeware and accessories fulfillment

    It's said customers buy homewares how they buy their clothes: impulsive, trend-orientated and seasonal. Stay on top of what's trending in your product inventory using our insightful order fulfillment software and be alerted when in-demand stock is running low.

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    Food and drink fulfillment

    Snack bars, coffee beans, beer, organic wholefoods; we place importance on delicate handling, clean ambient storage and protective packaging for all types of consumable goods. With ControlPort, you'll have all the 'food for thought' insight you need.

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