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Crowdfunding & Kickstarter Fulfilment

Delight your backers with fast, hassle-free fulfillment.

You’ve had a brilliant idea. You’ve secured crowdfunding. You’ve put that prototype into production.

Now comes the really hard part – shipping thousands of products to your expectant backers. Fortunately, that’s where J&J can help, through fast, reliable, affordable fulfillment, worldwide.

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As experts in Kickstarter shipping and crowdfunding fulfilment, we can:


Receive bulk stock

Receive stock in bulk from your suppliers and store it globally.


Cost-effective shipping

Ship products quickly and cost-effectively to backers worldwide.


Order tracking

Provide real-time order tracking for you and your backers.


Ongoing fulfilment

Offer ongoing fulfilment once your initial campaign has shipped.


All sorts of crowds

From board games to gadgets, we provide crowdfunding fulfilment for a wide range of products. We’ve worked with brands running crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Patreon, and more.

Ship 2,000+ rewards

To get the best value from outsourcing your Kickstarter shipping from J&J Global Fulfilment, and to ensure we’re cost-effective, we recommend a minimum of 2,000 rewards to fulfil.

Less than 3 months stock

We specialise in rapid fulfilment for crowdfunding campaigns, rather than long-term pallet storage for excess stock. That said, we can offer long-term fulfilment for moving stock.

Small, lightweight products

We’re optimised for fast-moving consumer products that are smaller than a football and lighter than a laptop. For more information, please get in touch with us.


J&J is a great partner. Their operation is highly organised, their technology is sharp and always developing, and best of all, the people are kind, helpful and smart.

Ben Hantoot


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Total visibility & complete control with ControlPort™

ControlPort™ provides complete visibility to eCom brands with real-time supply chain data. Save time, boost satisfaction, and increase sales.


End-to-end stock tracking


Stock management


Sales performance


Sales channel integrations


White labelled, customer-facing portals



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