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Goods In Services

Welcoming your products to J&J Global Fulfilment.

Goods In marks the start of your order fulfillment journey. It’s where inventory is sent to one of our global fulfillment centers, securely stored and prepared for picking and packing.

ControlPort™, our cloud-based order fulfillment platform, provides full visibility into this process, from start to finish.    

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What’s the Goods In process?


Set up your store and products

We create your ControlPort™ account to access any time, on any device. Our expert team shows you how to integrate your online store, add new products and schedule delivery to us.

With ControlPort™, you receive timely notifications when your stock arrives, when it’s processed and when it’s ready for picking and packing. 

Ship your inventory to us

Once delivery is scheduled for your products, you (or your manufacturer) ships them to any of our global fulfillment centers.  

For swift and seamless processing, we recommend consistent barcoding and packaging of your goods. For example, 20 boxes on each pallet, each containing 100 identical items of a single SKU.  

We secure your stock

Our dedicated team handles products with care and precision. Every item is counted, inspected for damage and photographed. We also weigh and measure your goods, all recorded on ControlPort™ to view.  

These checks set the industry standard for stock control and accuracy. They also ensure that you only pay for the storage space used.  

5-step order fulfillment process

Goods In is the first step in our order fulfillment process. We also take care of everything else – from picking and packing to shipping and returns.

Step 1


Goods in

Ship your products to any of our global fulfillment centers. We inspect, measure, and photograph your items, and add tracking details to our inventory management software, ControlPort™.

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Step 2



Once checks are complete, place your goods into clean, safe storage, optimising space for each item to ensure cost efficiency. You only pay for what you use.

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Step 3


Picking & packing

Once a customer has made an order, our team use J&J’s custom-built tech to pick and pack your products, with 99.9% pick and pack precision.

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Step 4



We swiftly ship your orders worldwide via our carrier network. We negotiate carrier costs on your behalf to ensure cost-savings a range of shipping services.

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Step 5



We handle the hassle of returns so you don’t have to. We check, refund if needed, and prepare suitable goods for resale. Your customers can track returns, too.

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Orders are being processed and despatched as promised, and even better. I can recommend James and James to any online retailer!

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