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We’ll give your electronics store the boost it needs by taking order fulfillment off your hands. To learn more, provide your details below and we’ll be in touch for a no-obligation chat.

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James and James are a leading fulfillment provider that have been disrupting the industry for over a decade. With fulfillment centres across the world, our facilities have been optimised with light-weight, fast moving electronic goods in mind.We store, pick, pack, and ship earphones, computer accessories, smartwatches, mobile phones, and plenty of other electronic goods every single day, creating a lot of happy clients and even more happy customers along the way.We understand the importance of rapid delivery, especially in the electronics market. That’s why we’ve developed our processes to ensure that 97% of orders are shipped same-day — one of the best figures in the industry.With a dedicated high-value team allocated for those expensive electrical goods, and complete transparency of where your inventories are at all times, you can rest assured knowing that your products – and your customers – are in safe hands.

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Why choose James and James for as your electronics fulfillment provider?

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Award-winning tech

Like you, technology is at the heart of our company. Our custom-built technology, ControlPort, gives you full, real-time updates on the status of your inventories at all times, and offers both advanced and basic Inventory Management tools and business intelligence insights.

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Dedicated support

We have a large team of fulfillment experts that will actively work with you to grow your business, and support you however they can. Our unique pod-based customer service teams mean you’ll only speak to the same handful of friendly people when you call the office or submit a ticket.

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Global reach

Whether you’re already shipping internationally or need help getting there, we can help. With fulfillment centres in the UK, US, and EU, we can send out your goods anywhere in the world, quickly and cost-effectively. We’ll soon be setting up shop in Australia and Canada, too.

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James and James has been a crucial partner in growing our community, cutting our costs and putting our business at the forefront of Printed Electronics.

The Kopi Luwak Company Bibi Nelson, Co-founder

James and James is a key component to Bare Conductive’s business strategy

Bare Conductive is a London-based technology start-up, developing a platform of sensing technologies based around its electrically conductive paint and capacitive hardware.

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See ControlPort in action

Come and take an in-depth look at ControlPort – the original cloud-based order fulfillment platform. We built it, shaped it and continue to develop it with eCommerce scalability front-of-mind. Our demo is tailored to you and the nature of your business, so we won’t follow a formalised structure – you ask the questions, we’ll answer them.

  • Find out what makes it ‘award-winning’
  • Discover actionable insights for your online brand
  • Hear how it’s helped eCommerce businesses achieve considerable growth
  • Explore ViewPort – our real-time, customer facing order tracking software
  • Wonder how you ever managed without it
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