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Cost saving


“All of our individual parts are stored at James and James, so the final assembly of products happens just before they are needed to ship, reducing our costs overall by 10.5%.”

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Bibi Nelson

Bare Conductive, Co-founder

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Since joining James and James Alma de Ace has seen a 300% increase in growth, Conversion rate increased by 35% and the AOV increased from £75 to £100.

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Sebastian Agace

Founder & Creative Director

Alma de Ace

Time saved per day

2-4 hrs

“I probably started to save two to four hours per day at peak by not having to fulfil in-house. The time-saving element is so crucial for growth, allowing you to focus on the business more.”

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Keon Ghaharian

Dope Ropes, Co-founder

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Simplify analysis and management with ControlPort’s order fulfilment software. Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll be able to do:

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Reduce waste

ControlPort will notify you when goods are nearing expiry date, giving you the opportunity to push a sale or run a marketing campaign.

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Connect your channels fast

ControlPort will notify you when goods are nearing expiry date, giving you the opportunity to push a sale or run a marketing campaign.

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Identify opportunities

Our dashboard clearly breaks down best sellers, most popular channels, and regional performance. Double-down on what’s working and push your business forward.

Warehousing and storage - the second step of the order fulfilment process

Manage storage costs

Identify optimal stock levels to ensure you’re never paying for storage you don’t need, and reinvest the additional cash into developing your business.

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Eliminate stockouts

Never miss a sale or lose a customer. Easily see when a new order should be made, and rapidly store new stock at our fulfilment centres.

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Expand, grow, and scale

Connect ControlPort to our international network of fulfilment centres, sell anywhere in the world, and target new and exciting markets.

We combine reliable fulfilment with award-winning software that will make a huge difference to the way you run your business. Here’s how:

Save time:

Say goodbye to number crunching, endless spreadsheets, and complex data analysis. Our fulfilment software will do most of the heavy-lifting for you, saving you hours of time each day.

Make informed decisions:

Use our user-friendly analysis tools to make the right decisions to take your business forward. Eliminate guesswork and risk from your day-to-day operations.

Reorder items quickly:

Set up reorder points and consistently retrieve stock from your supplier in good time. Our rapid Goods In process will ensure your storage spaces are well-stocked at all times.

Keep customers happy:

Our order fulfilment software helps you to get the right product where it needs to be – fast. Improve loyalty, retention, and spend more time engaging your customers.

Get support:

Anytime you need support using ControlPort, our Client Services Team will be here to help. You’ll also have extensive training during the onboarding process.

Regularly updated:

We’re committed to our tech, and we regularly update our fulfilment software with innovative new features and improvements, which you’ll receive free of charge.

Tracking for you…

You’ll know exactly where your inventory is as soon as it enters the fulfilment centre, up until it arrives with your customer.

And your customers:

Through a unique portal, your customers can also track their order as it gets picked, packed, shipped, and delivered.

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