Warehousing and storage for fast-moving consumer brands

Our fulfilment warehouses specialise in eCommerce order fulfilment for fast-moving consumer brands. We don’t offer the long-term warehousing and storage that a traditional logistics provider or distribution centre might. Instead, our agile warehouse processes mean we can offer incredibly quick product delivery times.”

When you choose us as your fulfilment warehouse, you’ll benefit from pay-as-you-use pricing, real-time stock visibility, fast and affordable international shipping, and brilliant batch control. Got any questions?

Pallet and pick storage aisles within James and James's UK fulfilment warehouse

Only pay for the space you use

Depending on the size of your inventory and volume of orders, we offer two warehousing and storage options.

Small, fast-moving items go into pick storage, ready for speedy delivery. Because we measure the size of items during goods in, we only charge you for the exact space they take up. The more you sell, the less you pay.

If you have bigger items, a lot of inventory or occasional wholesale orders, we offer pallet storage too. This is charged at a low, fixed, weekly fee.

Real-time stock visibility

As part of the goods in process, we ensure that every item you send us is barcoded and logged in ControlPort – our order fulfilment software.

We use this barcode to track where each item is stored, and when it’s picked and packed for delivery.

You get full access to this data too, in real time, via ControlPort. So even though your stock isn’t in your own fulfilment warehouse, you always know where it is and how much you’ve got.

A James and James team member scans a product barcode inside the fulfilment warehouse
James and James's headquarters in Northampton, UK

Reach the world by 9:00 tomorrow

When you choose James and James for your warehousing and storage, you’ll get access to our network of international fulfilment centres in the UK, USA and New Zealand.

In each location, we offer a range of eCommerce shipping solutions, helping you send to over 240 countries. This includes delivery to all major cities by 9:00 tomorrow.

Because we help them reach – and delight – new customers the world over, our clients grow 200% every year on average.

Never sell an out-of-date product

Best before dates and serial numbers are captured in our order fulfilment software, batches are segregated, and we use first-in, first-out (FIFO) fulfilment as standard.

You can also specify – and trace – which batches we use in which orders, so you should never sell – or have to destroy – an out-of-date product.

Couple this with our organic fulfilment warehouse certification and five-star hygiene rating, and we’re the perfect eCommerce warehouse for food, drink and supplements.

Inventory management on a laptop with James and James's order fulfilment software

Want to learn more about our fulfilment warehouse?

Let us know about your needs, and one of our fulfilment consultants will get back to you within one working day.

What is warehousing and fulfilment?

Warehousing and fulfilment are important stages of the order fulfilment process. Warehousing involves storing products for distribution, while fulfilment covers the picking, packing and shipping of goods to customers.

A fulfilment centre offers professional and effective outsourced warehousing and fulfilment solutions for eCommerce businesses. Discover what we do and why our order fulfilment service is different below.

A James and James team member unloads a box from a van, as part of the order fulfilment process

Goods in

Send your inventory to one of our international fulfilment centres.

Pallet and pick storage aisles within James and James's UK fulfilment warehouse


Your stock is stored safely and securely, ready for orders to come in.

A James and James team member takes items from a picking trolley at a packing desk

Pick and pack

We receive orders from your online store and get them ready to send.

A Royal Mail worker loads trolleys onto a van, as part of the order fulfilment process


We ship orders quickly to your customers via our courier network.

A James and James team member checks a returned item, as part of the returns management process


Returned orders come back to our fulfilment centres for processing.