A selection of consumer goods stored on warehouse shelves, as part of James and James's product fulfilment service

Product fulfilment for fast-moving consumer brands

Unlike traditional logistics providers, James and James’s product fulfilment service is built specifically for direct-to-consumer, eCommerce brands.

Through our cloud-based technology and modern fulfilment centres, we can:

  • Integrate with top eCommerce platforms, to retrieve your orders automatically
  • Despatch 98.0% of products same day, with a 99.9% pick and pack accuracy
  • Provide full online order tracking to you and your customers
  • Offer simple, easy product returns to boost your customer loyalty
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Who do we work with?

We work with hundreds of online retailers – from disruptive start-ups to household names. No matter what stage you’re at, we can help grow your business, optimise your operations or reach and retain customers worldwide.

A small business owner packing and shipping their own orders manually

Product fulfilment for growing brands

If you’re taking 100 – 299 orders per month, we can help you:

  • Save time and money by outsourcing your storage, pick and pack
  • Improve customer service through fast, accurate shipping and returns
  • Scale your business to meet growing demand or seasonal peaks

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Product fulfilment for established brands

If you’re taking 300 – 10,000+ orders per month, we can help you:

  • Manage your inventory more effectively with real-time, cloud-based data
  • Enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your logistics and fulfilment
  • Delight customers with live order tracking and custom packaging

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Boxes on pallets in a messy warehouse, representing a retailer's disorganised fulfilment process before outsourcing to a 3PL
Boxes on pallets in a messy warehouse, representing a retailer's disorganised fulfilment process before outsourcing to a 3PL

Product fulfilment for established brands

If you’re taking 300 – 10,000+ orders per month, we can help you:

  • Manage your inventory more effectively with real-time, cloud-based data
  • Enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your logistics and fulfilment
  • Delight customers with live order tracking and custom packaging

Learn more about our third-party logistics service

What do our clients say?

A Thunderbirds toy from Anderson Entertainment, fulfilled by James and James

Anderson Entertainment saves 8 hours a week on customer service time

By outsourcing to us, the production company behind Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet has improved stock control, pick and pack accuracy, and returns handling, leading to a reduction in queries from customers.

“My visit to James and James’s fulfilment centre felt a bit like I was stepping into Thunderbird 2’s hangar, which is strangely appropriate, as they’ve gone on to become our International Rescue.” – Jamie Anderson, Director

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Anne Beauty doubles turnover, cuts time spent processing orders by 75%

By setting up a Shopify store and integrating with James and James, Anne Beauty has saved time processing orders, and re-focused on growth.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend James and James. Their level of service, advice and professionalism has been outstanding – it’s taken away many of the issues and risks of scaling our business.” – Shareen Akhtar, Founder

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An Armadillo Merino t-shirt, fulfilled by James and James

Armadillo Merino shoots for the stars

With a customer base of soldiers, firefighters and even NASA astronauts, Armadillo Merino needed a global fulfilment partner that could deliver on time, every time.

“We’re building an international brand with a reputation for high-performance garments that solve health and wellbeing issues. We see James and James as an important partner in this global marketing strategy.” – Andy Caughey, Co-founder

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Auteur Limited grows sales and product line

With a focus on design-led, sustainable products, Auteur Limited has “grown massively” with support from James and James, and our off-the-shelf WooCommerce integration.

“What’s great about WooCommerce and James and James is that we get notifications if there’s a problem, meaning we can really stay on top of the orders. We’d 100% recommend it.” – Kirstie Pendry, Marketing Associate

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Luckies london

Luckies of London saves 23 days per year of customer service time

The cool and quirky gift company chose to move its fulfilment to James and James, as its previous provider was struggling to cope with the ever-increasing volume of dispatches.

“We are now confident we are partnered with the right fulfilment provider. We look forward to many more happy customers around the world receiving their orders from James and James.” – Caroline Burman, Retail Manager

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An eye shadow palette with the MEMI logo

MEMI – a growing cosmetics brand – competes with global giants

When building a unique vegan makeup brand, MEMI enlisted James and James to manage stock and deliver quickly, even during influencer-driven sales spikes.

"When people buy online, it’s not just the website experience that’s important, it’s how quickly they get the product. James and James offers a fantastic service and we’ve had great reviews from customers.” – Jack Thompson, Co-founder

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OHMME gets a good night’s sleep

The men’s yoga apparel brand has enjoyed accurate, reliable fulfilment with James and James, even when a Dragons’ Den appearance led to a surge in demand.

“What was important to me was to be able to track my packages, see when things were being fulfilled, and at what rate. From this perspective, James and James offers the most reliable possible service.” – Louis d’Origny, Founder

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Protein empire

Protein Empire saves money and grows faster

Protein Empire – an innovative sports nutrition brand – has reduced wastage, improved customer experience and grown 50% month-on-month since working with us.

“James and James Fulfilment provides everything required to run a growing eCommerce business successfully.” – William Evans, Managing Director

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Regis eCommerce stock

Regis increases efficiency, accuracy and cost savings

Our technology enables the haircare giant to run its direct-to-consumer business more efficiently, with sales trend data and live stock levels more visible than before.

"The online software and data visibility is second to none and the best on the market.”
– Graham Kay, Project Manager.

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Sureflap cat flap

SureFlap achieves 96% customer satisfaction and 68% profit increase

By providing live reporting, order status updates and tracking information, we’ve made a huge difference to the pet doors and accessories retailer.

“James and James’s IT system is intuitive, exceptionally easy to use and the data retrieval is incredibly fast.” – Andy Bank, Commercial Director

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A model wearing a muscle-fit t-shirt from TAILORED ATHLETE

TAILORED ATHLETE makes big gains stateside

The muscle-fit apparel brand has grown 2,500% year-on-year, with help from our global fulfilment centres and user-friendly software.

“It's made things more efficient. We now work with a supply chain specialist, who uses the James and James system to watch stock on a weekly basis, and tell us what to order and when.” – Harry Simonis, Founder

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The Literary Gift Company

The Literary Gift Company gains the “brainspace” to double turnover

The Literary Gift Company has solved storage issues, reclaimed valuable time and doubled its turnover in four years, by outsourcing its fulfilment to us.

“There’s no way we could’ve managed the volume of orders we receive at Christmas now. Outsourcing was definitely the right thing to do.” – Dani Hall, Founder

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What products do we fulfil?

Here are just a few of the industries we work with and products we handle.

CBD oil fulfilment

Our organic warehouse, batch control, fast shipping and discrete packaging help brands deliver an exceptional customer experience in the fast-growing CBD oil market. CBD products we fulfil range from oils to capsules, creams to gummies.

Apparel and accessories like the fashion products fulfilled by James and James

Fashion fulfilment

Fashion brands can improve their customer experience and profitability with us. Through our processes and technology, we offer fast, accurate shipping, trackable online returns, and simple inventory management.

Hair and beauty fulfilment

We help a wide range of hair and skin care brands meet the needs of today’s online shoppers. Expertly packed items, same-day despatch and online tracking ensure the right order reaches the right customer as fast as possible – without breakages.

Organic fulfilment

As one of the first warehouses to be organically certified by the Soil Association, we’ve become the natural choice for organic brands. We store, pick, pack and despatch a variety of organic produce, including food, supplements and beauty items.

A selection of pet supplies like those fulfilled by James and James

Pet supplies fulfilment

From cat flaps to dog leads to animal supplements, we fulfil a wide range of pet supplies. Our service helps brands increase repeat purchase rates, improve their customer experience and better manage their stock with strict batch control.  

Luxury pens and notepads - examples of the stationery and gift products fulfilled by James and James

Stationery and gift fulfilment

When it comes to selling stationery and gifts, presentation and speed of delivery is key. Through our network of clean, secure fulfilment centres, we despatch orders rapidly and ensure everyone is packaged perfectly.

Subscription box fulfilment

The subscription box market is set to grow by a massive 70% by 2020, as start-ups and established brands hop on the trend. We help them build customer loyalty, with fast shipping, online tracking and custom packaging for subscription products.

An example of supplements and vitamins fulfilled by James and James

Supplement and vitamin fulfilment

Whether you’re selling protein powder or vitamin supplements, our organically certified warehouse is the ideal place to store and despatch your products. We also offer strict batch control, helping you trace which products were sold when.

What does product fulfilment mean?

Product fulfilment is the process of storing, picking and packing, and shipping products to consumers – and handling any returns. Our product fulfilment service works best for retailers that have:

A parcel: we recommend taking at least 100 orders per month to use our order fulfilment service

100+ orders every month

We’re as happy processing five orders a day for one client, as 500 for another. But to get the best value out of us, you should take 100+ orders each and every month.

A football: our order fulfilment service is optimised for products smaller than this

Small to medium-sized products

Our processes are optimised for products that are smaller than footballs and lighter than laptops. We pick, pack and ship these with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

A checklist: we recommend a small product range to get the most out of our order fulfilment service

A small, perfectly formed range

We recommend that the number of orders you take per month is five times more than the number of SKUs you hold, helping you control stock and grow manageably.

A pallet: we recommend holding only three months' worth of stock with our order fulfilment service

Less than 3 months’ stock

We support fast-moving product lines, by offering you affordable, short-term pick and pack storage, plus the tools to manage your inventory and maximise sales.

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