A James and James team member unloads a box from a van, as part of the order fulfilment process

Welcoming your products to James and James

Goods in – also known as receiving – is the first step in the order fulfilment process. It involves sending your inventory to a fulfilment warehouse, which then stores it, ready to pick and pack your orders.

When you choose James and James as your order fulfilment partner, you’ll gain access to ControlPort – our cloud-based order fulfilment software. This enables you to manage the entire goods in process, from start to finish.

How does goods in work?

Set up your store and products

We’ll create a ControlPort account for you, which you can log in to anywhere, anytime, from any device.

We’ll show you how to integrate your online store, add new products, and book them in for delivery to one of our international fulfilment centres.

You can then use ControlPort to track goods in. You’ll get notified when your stock arrives with us – and when it’s processed, ready for pick and pack.

Ship your inventory to us

Once your products are booked in for delivery, the next part of goods in is for you – or your manufacturer – to ship them to us.

Ideally, your products will be barcoded and packaged consistently when they arrive. For example, each pallet will contain 20 boxes. Each box will contain 100 identical items – a single SKU.

This means we can process your stock quickly, time and time again.

A forklift moves a pallet of stock into a James and James fulfilment centre
A forklift moves a pallet of stock into a James and James fulfilment centre

Ship your inventory to us

Once your products are booked in for delivery, the next part of goods in is for you – or your manufacturer – to ship them to us.

Ideally, your products will be barcoded and packaged consistently when they arrive. For example, each pallet will contain 20 boxes. Each box will contain 100 identical items – a single SKU.

This means we can process your stock quickly, time and time again.

The weight and dimensions of a product are measured as part of the goods in process at James and James

Let us take care of your stock

On arrival, our goods in team will take care of your stock like it’s their own.

We count all items and check for damage. We photograph, weigh and measure each new product. And we log all items in ControlPort.

These checks mean the accuracy of our stock control and pick and pack are industry leading. They also mean we only charge you for the exact storage space you use.

How have we helped other brands?

Dragons' Den entrepreneur Hanna Sillitoe values accuracy, value, intel and most importantly - security

After discovering her first outsourced fulfilment company were stealing her products and struggling to keep up with orders, Hanna made the switch and put her trust in James and James.

I spoke to three different fulfilment houses, asked as many questions as possible, and immediately James and James stood out. The staff welfare, security and pick/pack process is the best I’ve seen anywhere.

– Hanna Sillitoe, Founder, Hanna Sillitoe

Tina Davies Professional’s international expansion is a stroke of genius

Tina Davies Professional wanted to deliver their cosmetic products to artists in the UK and Europe which meant appointing a trusted UK-based fulfilment partner. James and James is now relied upon to run the European and UK part of the business.

We moved from another 3PL that was very hard to work with. Once we decided to make a move we did an extensive search for a new partner. James and James’s combination of dedicated support, online dashboard, and sophisticated tech-enabled fulfilment process was a clear winner.

– Luke Davies, Founder, Tina Davies Professional

Growth-focused Kopi Luwak Company finds time to build on US presence 

With ongoing fulfilment and shipping pain points becoming too much, The Kopi Luwak Company decided to outsource and in doing so, gained back time to hone in on UK and US growth strategies.

Before we switched to James and James, I spent multiple hours a week, checking over shipped orders, updating tracking details, ensuring orders processed correctly. This directly impacted my ability to focus on the core business and the growth of the business. 

– Owen Carter, Director, The Kopi Luwak Company

Bare Biology operates smarter and more effectively in a glowing industry

Founder Melanie Lawson no longer gives any headspace to worrying about fulfilling customer orders. Instead she can devote this precious time to rebranding and developing new environmentally-friendly packaging ideas.

I am sometimes amazed when I speak to people who are years into their online business and are still doing all the fulfilment themselves. I keep telling them they shouldn’t be down in the weeds and that they’re stifling their growth. It seems such an obvious choice to me but equally I can understand that it can be hard for people to let go.

– Melanie Lawson, Founder, Bare Biology

Frau Green realises importance of agile and accurate approach to fulfilment

As a business with long-term growth aspirations and a TV channel deal that would see the brand increase its orders to 25,000 every month, Frau Green sought an outsourced fulfilment partner to help with demand peaks and troughs.

Compared to how we had been doing things, James and James's approach felt like a million miles away but in a good way. It was only when I engaged with the team that I realised how much I needed organised order and inventory reporting.

– Sophie Green, Founder, Frau Green

A Thunderbirds toy from Anderson Entertainment, fulfilled by James and James

Anderson Entertainment saves 8 hours a week on customer service time

By outsourcing to us, the production company behind Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet has improved stock control, pick and pack accuracy, and returns handling, leading to a reduction in queries from customers.

My visit to James and James’s fulfilment centre felt a bit like I was stepping into Thunderbird 2’s hangar. They’ve gone on to become our International Rescue.

– Jamie Anderson, Director, Anderson Entertainment

Anne Beauty doubles turnover, cuts time spent processing orders by 75%

By setting up a Shopify store and integrating with James and James, Anne Beauty has saved time processing orders, and re-focused on growth.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend James and James. Their level of service, advice and professionalism has taken away many of the risks of scaling our business.

– Shareen Akhtar, Founder, Anne Beauty

An Armadillo Merino t-shirt, fulfilled by James and James

Armadillo Merino shoots for the stars with global fulfilment solution

With a customer base of soldiers, firefighters and even NASA astronauts, Armadillo Merino needed a global fulfilment partner that could deliver on time, every time.

We’re building an international brand with a reputation for high-performance garments. We see James and James as an important partner in this global marketing strategy.

” – Andy Caughey, Co-founder, Armadillo Merino

A jar of Bare Conductive's electric paint, fulfilled by James and James

Bare Conductive builds a global brand and community

James and James has helped the Printed Electronics pioneers reach thousands of engineers, designers and developers, and get time back for design, marketing and sales.

James and James has been a crucial partner in growing our community, cutting our costs and putting our business at the forefront of Printed Electronics.

– Bibi Nelson, Co-founder, Bare Conductive

A Cambridge Mask Co mask, fulfilled by James and James

Cambridge Mask Co meets 2,500% increase in demand with James and James

The provider of military-grade face masks has been able to ship five-figure batches of masks rapidly, as COVID-19 created unprecedented demand from consumers and healthcare organisations.

James and James is an essential element in our ability to help the UK and international community respond to COVID-19.

– Christopher Dobbing, Founder and CEO, Cambridge Mask Co

Cards Against Humanity, fulfilled by James and James

Cards Against Humanity expands fulfilment network with James and James

The crowdfunded card game chose James and James to provide UK and European fulfilment for its own brands and those backed by its Blackbox spin-out.

James and James is a great partner. Their operation is highly organised, their technology is sharp and always developing, and best of all, the people are kind, helpful and smart.

– Ben Hantoot, Co-founder and Partner, Cards Against Humanity

A Dope Rope's retro jump rope, fulfilled by James and James

Dope Ropes takes a leap of faith amidst pandemic chaos

The retro jump ropes brand turned to James and James, when demand for its home fitness products surged during the COVID-19 lockdown.

I have an edge over people who drop ship products, which can take ages to arrive, and I can also compete with the likes of Amazon on speed.

– Keon Ghaharian, Co-founder, Dope Ropes

A dog lead - one of the products fulfilled by James and James on behalf of Frenchie Bulldog

“Freaky fast” delivery helps Frenchie Bulldog double European sales in two years

The US-based pet supply brand choose James and James to support its European launch, thanks to the advice of our friendly team. Two years on, its sales have doubled and it's built a loyal fanbase this side of the pond.

James and James has given us quite the reputation! It’s so satisfying to know that we have a strong team behind us as we continue to grow.

– Victoria Shanley, Global Distribution and Social Media Management, Frenchie Bulldog

A shampoo alternative - one of the products fulfilled by James and James on behalf of Hairstory

Hairstory brings its “New Wash” to Europe, increasing order volumes five times

New York's Hairstory launched its haircare products in Europe with help from James and James, increasing order volumes five times in less than two years, while managing everything remotely.

It can be a bit tricky, due to the time difference, but having access to the software is really helpful. We can see the status of any order we need to check on.

– Hailey Harn, Logistics Coordinator, Hairstory

A ski jacket - one of the products fulfilled by James and James on behalf of OOSC Clothing

Fun and sustainable skiwear brand, OOSC Clothing, conquers seasonal peaks

When its co-founders started spending too much time at the Post Office, OOSC Clothing outsourced its fulfilment, making seasonal spikes in demand for its skiwear less stressful.

We’ve been really impressed with the team at James and James. Their processes are second to none and fulfilment is no longer something we are having to think or worry about.

– Aaron McGaughlin, Co-founder, OOSC Clothing

Protein empire

Protein Empire saves money and grows faster

Protein Empire – an innovative sports nutrition brand – has reduced wastage, improved customer experience and grown 50% month-on-month since working with us.

James and James Fulfilment provides everything required to run a growing eCommerce business successfully.

– William Evans, Managing Director, Protein Empire

A GHD hairdryer - one of the products fulfilled by James and James on behalf of Regis

Regis increases efficiency, accuracy and cost savings

Our technology enables the haircare giant to run its direct-to-consumer business more efficiently, with sales trend data and live stock levels more visible than before.

The online software and data visibility is second to none. It's the best on the market.

– Graham Kay, Project Manager, Regis

Sureflap cat flap

SureFlap achieves 96% customer satisfaction and 68% profit increase

By providing live reporting, order status updates and tracking information, we’ve made a huge difference to the pet doors and accessories retailer.

James and James’s IT system is intuitive, exceptionally easy to use and the data retrieval is incredibly fast.

– Andy Bank, Commercial Director, SureFlap

A muscle-fit shirt - one of the products fulfilled by James and James on behalf of TAILORED ATHLETE

TAILORED ATHLETE makes big gains stateside

The muscle-fit apparel brand has grown 2,500% year-on-year, with help from our global fulfilment centres and user-friendly software.

It's made things more efficient. We now work with a supply chain specialist, who uses the James and James system to watch stock on a weekly basis, and tell us what to order and when.

– Harry Simonis, Founder, TAILORED ATHLETE

The Literary Gift Company

The Literary Gift Company gains the “brainspace” to double turnover

The Literary Gift Company has solved storage issues, reclaimed valuable time and doubled its turnover in four years, by outsourcing its fulfilment to us.

There’s no way we could’ve managed the volume of orders we receive at Christmas now. Outsourcing was definitely the right thing to do.

– Dani Hall, Founder, The Literary Gift Company

Learn more about the order fulfilment process

Goods in is just part of our order fulfilment service. We also take care of everything – from receiving stock from your manufacturers, to shipping products to your customers, and even handling any returns.

Goods in - the first step of the order fulfilment process

Goods in

Send your inventory to one of our international fulfilment centres.

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Warehousing and storage - the second step of the order fulfilment process


Your stock is stored safely and securely, ready for orders to come in.

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Pick and pack - the third step of the order fulfilment process

Pick and pack

We receive orders from your online store and get them ready to send.

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Shipping - the fourth step of the order fulfilment process


We ship orders quickly to your customers via our courier network.

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Returns management - the final step of the order fulfilment process


Returned orders come back to our fulfilment centres for processing.

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