Goods in

Welcoming your products to James and James

The first step of the order fulfilment process is goods in, in which we welcome your products to one of our fulfilment centres. Here’s how it works.

Send us your stock

You ship your inventory to us, ideally in a consistent way.

For example, you put a set number of barcoded products into a box. You ensure that all products in each box are identical – they have the same SKU. And the next time you send us those products, you keep the quantity in the box – and hence its size and weight – the same.

This ensures that we can process your products as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

We receive your stock

Your stock is received by our team, who care for it like it’s their own.

All products are counted on arrival, photographed, measured and logged into our warehouse management system for complete accuracy. We then find a place for them on the shelves of our warehouses, ready for your orders to come in and pick and pack to begin.

You can track the whole process online using our ControlPort system.

Any batches are segregated

If your products come in batches or have sell-by dates, they’re segregated within the warehouse, to ensure they can never be mixed.

When you receive orders, you can specify which batches we pick them from, giving you confidence in the accuracy of the batch management process.

Your inventory is fully tracked

Every single movement of your stock is logged and time-stamped in our cloud-based WMS.

We know who did what and with which product at every stage of the fulfilment process, providing the definitive standard for inventory control and visibility.

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