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Morocco Gold

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Morocco Gold Olive Oil

Morocco Gold is an exceptionally high-quality extra virgin olive oil from a unique new source in the foothills of the Atlas mountains in Morocco. Their oil is bulk exported to the UK where it is bottled, shipped to their primary market in the USA for fulfilment and distributed to customers.

How has your business navigated through the pandemic?

The past 2 years have been extraordinarily challenging for many businesses as they wrestle with the impact of Covid-19. However, for Morocco Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil it has been quite the reverse.

In 2020-21 we saw our customer base, orders and units sold quadruple. 2021-22 is seeing similar growth with some 50% of orders now for repeat customers.

Our initial decision to launch Morocco Gold as an internet product has proven to be the right one, however, we could not have achieved this success without the support of our key strategic partners, including our fulfilment & distribution partner James & James.

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In 2020-21 we saw our customer base, orders and units sold quadruple. 2021-22 is seeing similar growth with some 50% of orders now for repeat customers.

morocco gold

How has working with a fulfilment centre benefited your business?

We have worked with James & James since late 2018. Although our primary market is the USA which is serviced by their facility in Columbus, Ohio, we have also now delivered Morocco Gold from their Northampton fulfilment centre all around the world, from Japan, Singapore, and the far east, to the middle east, to Hawaii, Canada and throughout Europe.

We cannot praise the James & James operating system highly enough, also the ongoing help we receive from their customer services team.

James & James have truly enabled Morocco Gold to bring this exceptional extra virgin olive oil to health-conscious food lovers – worldwide.

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