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Whites Beaconsfield are a leading supplier of non-peroxide teeth whitening products. Founded in 2019 by two brothers, Toby and Ollie Brittan, Whites are in the business of making teeth whitening and dental hygiene more affordable, accessible, and fun for adults and kids across the world.

With popular products including teeth whitening kits, teeth whitening toothpastes, and a brand new ‘Wiggle’ electric toothbrush for kids, Whites Beaconsfield are well on their way on to creating healthier, whiter teeth around the UK, the USA, Europe, and beyond!

Setup time

24 hrs

“We set up our US account in 1 day, and our stock was sent and booked into James and James’ Ohio Fulfilment Centre in less than a week.”

Cost savings


“Since joining James and James, we’ve saved 66% on shipping costs.”

Faster shipping

11 days

“Thanks to James and James’ Ohio Fulfilment Centre, our US customers receive their orders 11 days faster on average.”

The challenge

When Whites Beaconsfield approached James and James back in 2020, they were struggling to fulfil a growing number of orders from their house.

Order numbers were getting so high that it was impossible to do all the picking, packing, and shipping while offering the level of customer service that Whites Beaconsfield customers had come to expect.

The Brittan Brothers had huge ambition to grow their business, and it was clear they required additional help to scale up their operations while meeting customer expectations. They needed a 3PL that could help them maintain a fantastic customer experience with the ability to ramp up operations as their company continued to reach new heights.

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What we delivered


Due to the nature of their business model, Whites Beaconsfield’s order volumes were very unpredictable. One week they might’ve needed to fulfil 100 orders, whereas the next week order numbers could surge to 1,000 or more.

Thanks to James and James’ resources and infrastructure, Whites Beaconsfield could rest easy knowing that their customers would receive their orders on time, regardless of the number of sales that came through the website.


One aspect of the James and James service that Whites Beaconsfield have really come to appreciate is stock and order visibility.

When customers enquire about the status of their order, the customer service team at Whites can simply login to our inventory management platform, ControlPort, and communicate to their customer exactly where their order is. On average, this alone saves them ten minutes of time per order.

For me, ControlPort is all about saving time. It allows us to see more and do more so much faster.

James Pryor, COO

Additionally, ControlPort has provided Whites with the visibility they need to ensure that they continuously have the right amount of inventory in stock, meaning that they can meet customer demand without overpaying on unnecessary storage costs.

Orders fulfilled


“We fulfilled over 1,000 orders in a week, which couldn’t have been possible without a Fulfilment Centre in the US.”

Time savings

390 hrs

“ControlPort has helped us save 390 hours of customer service time each year.”

Cost savings


“ControlPort has helped us to massively improve our inventory management, and save at least £10,000 per year.”

International expansion

Like many businesses today, Whites Beaconsfield are active on TikTok. The platform gives them a fun, exciting way to communicate with their target demographic, and showcase their products in action.

What they didn’t expect, however, was for one of their TikTok videos to go viral. As of writing, the video in question has over 300,000 likes, and over 15 million views! You can only imagine the effect that such a successful video had on order numbers…

Order numbers hit the roof practically overnight, with a significant number of these orders coming from the US.

As a James and James client, Whites had access to our Ohio fulfilment centre, allowing them to quickly and cost-effectively ship a bulk of product over to the US for us to fulfil immediately.

And just like that, smiles across the USA suddenly got a whole lot brighter!

After our TikTok video went viral, James and James helped us save costs on carriers, speed of delivery, and bump our US expansion targets by six months.

James Pryor, COO

The future is bright…

The future is bright for Whites Beaconsfield. New, innovative product development continues to go on behind the scenes, and plans to reach new customers in the USA and Europe are already well underway.

Pearly-white smiles, all around!

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