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Pick & Pack Services

Pick and pack is a critical step in the order fulfilment process.

First, all items in a customer’s order are collected (picked) from their storage locations. Next, the items are put in appropriate packaging (packed), ready for shipping to the customer.

The speed, skill and accuracy of the process has a big impact on your customer’s experience of ordering your products. When orders arrive late, damaged or containing the wrong items, your customers are less likely to recommend or buy from you again.

Why choose J&J as your pick and pack warehouse?

Our fulfilment technology, ControlPort™, integrates with your online store, to automatically receive orders. We then pick, pack and ship 98.0% of them on the same day, with 99.9% accuracy.


An optimised pick and pack process

To maintain our industry-leading accuracy and efficiency, we’ve been continuously improving our pick and pack services since 2010.

Today, all new and seasonal team members are trained the James and James way. You can even see who processed each of your orders via ControlPort™ – our cloud-based order fulfilment software.

This transparency and traceability ensures that our service is consistent, no matter how busy we are or which of our fulfilment centres you choose.

Efficient warehousing

Because we specialise in order fulfilment for fast-moving consumer brands, each of our locations is designed as an efficient pick and pack warehouse.

To ensure every order is shipped as quickly as possible, inventory is primarily held in pick storage. Our software then guides pickers around the aisles, automatically calculating the most efficient route.

The system also uses a combination of weight, visual and barcode checks, to help the team pick and pack the right items.

Packaging options to suit everyone

Depending on the size of your products and orders, we offer a range of recycled and recyclable packaging and void fill options as standard. This includes mailing bags, book wraps and boxes.

Each packing slip and shipping label is customised with your brand’s logo and business details. So your customers will never know that a third-party logistics company is handling your pick, pack and dispatch.

If you take more than 1,000 orders every month, you’ll also have the option to use fully branded, custom packaging.

Online tracking for your customers

When we receive an order from your online store, we email the customer a unique link to ViewPort – an online portal, customised with your logo, where they can track its progress in real time.

They’ll know exactly when their order has been picked and packed, labelled and dispatched. They can also use ViewPort to follow tracked shipping services and initiate returns.

Convenient and intuitive, ViewPort provides the kind of eCommerce customer experience that keeps shoppers coming back for more.

5-step order fulfilment process

Pick and pack is just part of our order fulfilment service. We also take care of everything – from receiving and storing stock from your manufacturers, to shipping products to your customers, and even handling any returns.

Step 1


Goods in

Ship your products to any of our global fulfilment centres. We inspect, measure, and photograph your items, and upload all the details to our platform, ControlPort™.

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Step 2



Once checks are complete, we place your goods into clean, safe storage, optimising space for each item to ensure cost efficiency. You only pay for what you use.

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Step 3


Picking & packing

Once a customer has made an order, our team use J&J’s custom-built tech to pick and pack your products, with 99.9% pick and pack precision.

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Step 4



We swiftly ship your orders worldwide via our carrier network. We negotiate carrier costs on your behalf to ensure cost-savings a range of shipping services.

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Step 5



We handle the hassle of returns so you don’t have to. We check, refund if needed, and prepare suitable goods for resale. Your customers can track returns, too.

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How have our pick and pack services helped other brands?


Before J&J, we were spending half a day checking and shipping out orders.

Sam Calder


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