Win customers with 2-3 day shipping across America

Situated in the east central location of Columbus, Ohio, our US fulfilment centre is close to major road, rail and air terminals, offering fast US order fulfilment services to both domestic and international brands. Why do retailers use us in North America?

  • Hold stock in the US, to cut international shipping costs and customs duties
  • Compete with retail giants by offering 2-3 day shipping nationwide
  • Reach major eCommerce markets like New York rapidly
  • Make returns simpler and cheaper for American customers
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Our US fulfilment centre

Why use our US fulfilment centre?

Our US fulfilment centre takes care of everything – from the storage of products, to the pick, pack and despatch of online orders, to the handling of any returns. Use our US order fulfilment services and get time back to focus on other things.

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Scale up your fulfilment fast

Specifically designed for fast-moving consumer brands and managed by our award-winning order fulfilment software, our fulfilment centre can help you:

  • Handle rapidly increasing order volumes
  • Deliver a better experience for customers
  • Improve your stock control and inventory management
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Reach customers around the world

This fulfilment centre is part of our wider network, spanning two continents, with more locations coming soon. As such, we can help you:

  • Hold stock in one or all of our locations, depending on your needs
  • Offer fast, low-cost shipping worldwide
  • Optimise your operations with our standardised processes
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Looking to cut your international shipping costs?

With recent increases to international shipping costs into the US, many overseas retailers are now seeking a US fulfilment centre.

To help, we’ve put together a five-step guide, covering everything you need to do to get started – from registering your business, to collecting and remitting sales tax, to shipping your stock into the US in bulk.

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James and James Fulfillment
2235 Southwest Blvd
Suite F, G, H, Columbus
OH 43123, United States

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