Members of the James and James team packing parcels as part of our order fulfilment service

Our order fulfilment service makes it simple
to sell nationally or globally

Do you spend hours packing boxes? Are you awash with “Where’s my order?” support tickets? Have you outgrown your current storage space?

If so, it’s time to use James and James’s order fulfilment service. Thanks to our award-winning software and global fulfilment centres, you can:

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Why choose our order fulfilment service?

We know what it’s like to run an online store – it’s what we did before James and James. And we know how hard it can be to find the right order fulfilment service
– it’s why we started James and James. So when you choose us, you benefit from our:

A client is shown the fulfilment process on a laptop

Client-first attitude

Choose a fulfilment partner that takes time to understand and solve your needs.

James and James's fulfilment software being used in the fulfilment centre

Global fulfilment service

Achieve your ambitions, however large or small, with our worldwide locations.

One of our fulfilment centres

Triple-digital growth

Join the online brands that grow 200% every year by working with us.

James and James's order fulfilment software, ControlPort, on laptop and mobile devices

Award-winning platform

All of this is possible thanks to our unique, cloud-based order fulfilment software platform. We built it in house, from scratch, to replace the paper-based systems of traditional warehouses, winning a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the field of Innovation.

By integrating with top eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento, we automatically retrieve orders from your online store, ship 98% of them same-day with 99.999% accuracy, and update you and your customers in real time.

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Is our order fulfilment service right for you?

We specialise in order fulfilment for fast-moving brands that sell direct-to-consumer online. This means our clients usually have:

Small to medium-sized products

Our processes are optimised for products that are smaller than footballs and lighter than laptops. We pick, pack and despatch these with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

A small but perfectly formed range

We recommend that the number of orders you take per month is five times more than the number of SKUs you hold, helping you control stock and grow manageably.

Less than 3 months’ worth of stock

We support fast-moving product lines, by offering you affordable, short-term pick and pack storage, plus the tools to manage your inventory and maximise sales.

100+ orders each and every month

We’re as happy processing five orders a day for one client, as 500 for another. But to get the best value out of us, you should take 100+ orders each and every month.

How does our order fulfilment service work?

We take care of everything – from receiving stock from your manufacturers, to shipping products to your customers, and even handling any returns.
Here’s how it works:

Goods in

Send your inventory to one of our international fulfilment centres.


Your stock is stored safely and securely, ready for orders to come in.

Pick and pack

We receive orders from your online store and get them ready to send.


We ship orders quickly to your customers via our courier network.


Returned orders come back to our fulfilment centres for processing.

How has our order fulfilment service helped other retailers?

Anne Beauty doubles turnover, cuts time spent processing orders by 75%

With an internaitonal customer base of soldiers, firefighters and even NASA astronauts, Armadillo Merino needed a global fulfilment partner that could deliver on time every time.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend James and James. Their level of service, advice and professionalism has been outstanding – it’s taken away many of the issues and risks of scaling our business.” – Shareen Akhtar, Founder

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An Armadillo Merino t-shirt, fulfilled by James and James

Armadillo Merino shoots for the stars

With an internaitonal customer base of soldiers, firefighters and even NASA astronauts, Armadillo Merino needed a global fulfilment partner that could deliver on time every time.

“We’re building an international brand with a reputation for high-performance garments that solve health and wellbeing issues. We see James and James as an important partner in this global marketing strategy.” – Andy Caughey, Co-founder

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Auteur Limited grows sales and product line

With a focus on design-led, sustainable products, Auteur Limited has “grown massively” with support from James and James, and our off-the-shelf WooCommerce integration.

“What’s great about WooCommerce and James and James is that we get notifications if there’s a problem, meaning we can really stay on top of the orders. We’d 100% recommend it.” – Kirstie Pendry, Marketing Associate

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An eye shadow palette with the MEMI logo

MEMI – a growing cosmetics brand – competes with global giants

When building a unique vegan makeup brand, MEMI enlisted James and James to manage stock and deliver quickly, even during influencer-driven sales spikes.

"When people buy online, it’s not just the website experience that’s important, it’s how quickly they get the product. James and James offers a fantastic service and we’ve had great reviews from customers.” – Jack Thompson, Co-founder

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OHMME gets a good night’s sleep

The men’s yoga apparel brand enjoys accurate, reliable fulfilment with James and James, even when a Dragons’ Den appearance leads to a surge in demand.

“What was important to me was to be able to track my packages, see when things were being fulfilled, and at what rate. From this perspective, James and James offers the most reliable possible service.” – Louis d’Origny, Founder, OHMME

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Protein empire

Protein Empire saves money and grows faster with James and James

“James and James Fulfilment provides everything required to run a growing eCommerce business successfully.”
– William Evans, Managing Director | Read the case study

OHMME gets a good night’s sleep with James and James Fulfilment

The men’s yoga apparel brand has enjoyed accurate, reliable product fulfilment with us, even when a Dragons’ Den appearance led to a surge in demand.

“[Fulfilment] used to be a massive worry of mine. With our previous provider, I didn’t feel confident in the service. [Moving to James and James] has made a big difference to how well I sleep at night, knowing that deliveries are being done, that pick and pack is accurate, and that all my stuff is safe. It never happens that there’s a mistake, that a customer receives the wrong item. For me, it’s one less problem to worry about.”– Louis d’Origny, Founder, OHMME | Read the case study

Anderson Entertainment saves 8 hours a week on customer service time

The brand behind Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet used to handle product returns and exchanges by email, resulting in a high workload for them and a slow turnaround for customers.

This has changed dramatically since moving to James and James’s returns management service. It now saves 8 hours each week on customer service time.

“James and James Fulfilment have become our International Rescue.”
– Jamie Anderson, Director | Read the case study

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