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Fill in the form below and we’ll book in some time to chat about your business, your current operations, and next steps.

Speak to a Book fulfilment expert

Fill in the form below and we’ll book in some time to chat about your business, your current operations, and next steps.

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We’re a natural choice for book fulfilment services

While eBooks and Kindles have increased in popularity over the years, you can’t beat curling up in your favourite chair on a rainy day with a physical book. Millions of people across the world feel that way too, and we’ll help you meet that demand with our book fulfilment service.Our book fulfilment services at a glance:

  • Grow a loyal base of book lovers with fast, reliable order fulfilment
  • Fixed costs for online booksellers, with transparent pricing every step of the way
  • Ensure your book orders arrive in pristine condition, every time
  • Host exciting book launches with branded packaging; we’ll even host a book signing
  • Manage your inventory across multiple channels with our award-winning management technology
  • Ship single SKUs or make use of out kitting and assembly service for subscription boxes and bundles
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How we can help you

Why choose James and James for book fulfilment services?

As the world’s first digital-native 3PL, we know a thing or two about the fulfilment process. We have extensive experience shipping books, so whether you’re selling on eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, or any other online platform, we can help keep your pages turning.

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Sell books easily

  • Ship books anywhere in the world through our international network of fulfilment centres
  • A highly optimised order fulfilment process you can entrust your reputation to
  • Optimal storage conditions for physical books
  • Cost effective storage costs, discounted shipping costs, and no hidden fees
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Brilliant customer experience

  • Minimise stockouts, capitalise on trends, and grow sales with our custom-built inventory management platform, ControlPort
  • Give our packing teams clear instructions on how you want your books to be packaged
  • Keep on top of your inventory health with enhanced business insights and heaps of user-friendly data
  • Real-time order tracking for both your and your customers
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Unbeatable client support

  • Based in the UK, our client support team are dedicated to helping your business grow
  • We can advise on anything from the little niggles to your big picture growth strategy
  • With a 93% customer satisfaction score, we have some of the happiest clients in the industry
  • We’ll introduce you to our partners in marketing, packaging, overseas tax compliance, and much more
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Join hundreds of businesses like you, that trust us

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My visit to James and James’s fulfilment centre felt a bit like I was stepping into Thunderbird 2’s hangar, which is strangely appropriate, as they’ve gone on to become our International Rescue.

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Jamie Anderson, Director

Anderson Entertainment steps into Thunderbird 2’s hangar

Anderson Entertainment was founded by the late Gerry Anderson in 1999. Today the company continues to develop projects from Gerry Anderson’s personal archive as well as managing his estate and existing work

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See ControlPort in action

Come and take an in-depth look at ControlPort – the original cloud-based order fulfilment platform. We built it, shaped it and continue to develop it with eCommerce scalability front-of-mind. Our demo is tailored to you and the nature of your business, so we won’t follow a formalised structure – you ask the questions, we’ll answer them.

  • Find out what makes it ‘award-winning’
  • Discover actionable insights for your online brand
  • Hear how it’s helped eCommerce businesses achieve considerable growth
  • Explore ViewPort – our real-time, customer facing order tracking software
  • Wonder how you ever managed without it
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Want to know more?

Speak to one of our fulfilment specialist and we’ll arrange a consultancy call, to discuss your current operations, future ambitions and barriers standing in your way.

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Book fulfilment helps you to save money by optimising your operations. You’ll quickly realise that when you use a book fulfilment service to its full potential, you’ll end up paying less for postage, having less wastage and damaged products, less returns, higher sales, and more. As you grow, fulfilment services can end up paying for themselves.

This depends on the quantity and dimensions of the books we’re shipping. We have cardboard packaging options specifically designed for books, and if you ship over 1000 orders per month, you also qualify to use our custom packaging service, so you can instruct us to ship books in whatever packaging you’d like. Branded packaging is a great way to show off your brand and create unforgettable unboxing experiences.

There are a number of ways that a fulfilment provider helps you reduce shipping costs. Firstly, due to the volume of orders we ship, we get discounted rates from carrier partners, resulting in some extremely competitive prices for you. Furthermore, if you’re shipping into another territory (from the UK to US, for example), you can ship books in bulk overseas, rather than each time you make an order. This both reduces shipping costs and delivery times.

We refer to this as the ‘Goods In’ process, and it doesn’t take long at all. Once all the data for each SKU has been entered into our system, and ASNs are properly set up, you can check books into our fulfilment centres in just a few minutes. Once we’ve received your goods, it takes 72 hours for us to process them if they’re new SKUs, or 24 hours if we’ve seen them before.

Book fulfilment services are provided by 3PLs like James and James. A book fulfilment service will store, pick, pack, and ship your products to your customers, and most of them will handle returns, too.

A 3PL stands for a third party logistics provider, and it’s an industry term for companies that provide fulfilment and supply chain logistics support. A 3PL for book fulfilment will fulfil orders for you, send them to customers, and help you manage inventory, placement strategies, territorial expansion, and much more.

If books aren’t packaged properly, they’re prone to creases and other forms of damage. We’d always recommend sturdy cardboard packaging for books.

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