Delight customers across the West Coast with 1-2 day shipping

Our latest fulfilment centre is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, tactically positioned so your business can sell to customers up and down the West Coast quickly, cheaply, and reliably. Here’s what you can expect from our Nevada site:

  • Hold stock in the US, cutting international shipping costs and customs duties
  • Industry-leading fulfilment speed and accuracy
  • Just 50 miles from the border of California, deliver next-day to America’s largest eCommerce market
  • Paired with our Ohio site for national coverage
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Las Vegas Fulfilment Centre

Our US fulfilment centre

A world of opportunity

Whether you want to stick to North America or sell across the world, we’ve got you covered. In addition to two sites in the US, we’ve also got fulfilment centres in the UK and EU. We’ll fulfil your orders for next-day delivery from Glasgow to Rome, and everywhere in between.

  • Hold stock in any or all of our fulfilment centres
  • Enjoy the same great speed, accuracy, and service from all of our sites
  • Overtake competition and grow your business internationally
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A fulfilment partner you can trust

James and James founded the first digital-native fulfilment service back in 2010. We’ve grown a lot since then, and along the way we’ve learned what’s important to our clients. Fast, reliable fulfilment, best-in-class inventory management tools, and friendly, supportive customer service:

  • 98% orders are despatched same-day, with a 99.9% accuracy rate
  • Smooth onboarding with unlimited customer support. All by humans – not robots
  • A familiar face each and every time you call up
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Grow your business – fast

We specialise in growing eCommerce brands in the US. It’s always been our focus, and we’ve optimised our operations to fulfil light-weight, fast-moving products. Because we focus on this niche, we’re able to double-down at what we’re good at, rather than being a jack of all trades:

  • On average, our clients grow 52% year-on-year
  • Get enhanced business insights from our award-winning software, ControlPort
  • Work with our partners in overseas tax, custom packaging, and digital marketing

We’re about one hour’s drive from the border of California, the state with the leading share of eCommerce customers.

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One of the things we’re proud of is we can ship worldwide and for a small brand that was a really big selling point to increase our global customer audience.

James and James can help with that with the technology and things in place to make sure we’re always getting our customs declarations on our products when needed and they are always filled in accurately to prevent any returns and issues which would be a big task to undertake ourselves.

order fulfilment for fashion brands Stephen Sunley, Customer Service and Operations Manager

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James and James Fulfillment
Global Logistics and Fulfilment LLC
3702 Las Vegas Blvd N., Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89115, United States

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