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Omnichannel Fulfilment

Reach new customers with a complete omnichannel solution.

Whether you’re using Shopify, Amazon, or TikTok, selling to businesses (B2B), directly to consumers (D2C), or through brick-and-mortar stores, ControlPort™ helps you see more, sell more and grow more.

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Grow your omnichannel business

Our fulfilment experts can help you identify new markets or advise and support your growth strategies. All on the back of ControlPort™.


Pre-built and custom integrations

ControlPort™ supports all leading channels, from Shopify to eBay, WooCommerce to TikTok, and many more. We can also develop a bespoke solution tailored to your retail needs.

Manage multiple brands

If you’re a serial entrepreneur, we’ve got you covered. Manage all your online brands from one simple dashboard, without the need for multiple logins and endless tabs. 

Smart WMS system

Powered by our award-winning Warehouse Management System (WMS), providing total control and unrivalled visibility of your entire fulfilment operation, top to bottom.

Global fulfilment

Keep stock in one, some, or all of our global network of fulfilment centres. Manage each location seamlessly with one partner, and one technology, and one view.

Intelligence and insights

Optimise, improve and grow your eCommerce business with real-time business insights and reporting. Helping you to optimise stock profiles, cut wastage, forecast demand, and much more.

Enter new and exciting markets

Sell on social media, D2C, B2C, or in-store – we’ve got you covered with a scalable omnichannel fulfilment solution and global network of fulfilment centres.


We’re building an international brand with a reputation for high-performance garments. We see J&J as an important partner in this global marketing strategy.”

Andy Caughey


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Case Studies

Discover how we’ve helped our clients overcome fulfilment challenges, delight their customers and scale their businesses.

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Morocco Gold

We create solutions to make growth more achievable across a variety of industries.

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Rule 28

Switching fulfilment up a gear for a high-performance cycling brand.

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