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Officially certified as an organic warehouse

James and James’s UK fulfilment centre was one of the first to be officially certified as an organic warehouse by the Soil Association.

This has made us the natural choice for organic brands, who outsource the storage, pick, pack and despatch of their products to us. As such, we handle a variety of pre-packed, ambient-temperature produce, including organic foods, supplements and beauty products.

Using our organic fulfilment service ensures your online orders reach your customers quickly, without leaks or breakages.

An image of pick and pack storage used as part of James and James's eCommerce fulfilment services

Clean certified warehouse

To maintain our Soil Association certification (licence number WA25407), we’re regularly inspected to ensure that we:

Strict batch control

When you choose us as your organic warehouse, you also get access to our unique order fulfilment software. This captures best before end (BBE) dates, serial numbers and barcodes, enabling you to:

An example of how best before dates and inventory can be tracked with James and James's order fulfilment software

Did you know? We’re organic to our roots

Our founders, James Hyde and James Strachan, started the company while working for Green Bay Harvest – an online organic honey store. When looking for a fulfilment provider for the business, all they could find were messy warehouses running on out-dated systems. So they decided to build their own.

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