A field of organic crops with the Soil Association logo, signifying James and James's organic fulfilment service

Officially certified as an organic warehouse

James and James’s UK fulfillment center was one of the first to be officially certified as an organic warehouse by the Soil Association.

This has made us the natural choice for organic brands, who outsource the storage, pick, pack and dispatch of their products to us. As such, we handle a variety of pre-packed, ambient-temperature produce, including organic foods, supplements and beauty products.

Using our organic fulfillment service ensures your online orders reach your customers quickly, without leaks or breakages.

Why use our organic fulfillment warehouse?

An aisle of goods in the Liberty fulfilment centre

Clean, certified warehouse

To maintain our Soil Association certification (licence number WA25407), we’re regularly inspected to ensure that we:

  • Comply with European organic regulations (EC) No 834/2007 and (EC) No 889/2008
  • Train staff in handling organic products
  • Have strict processes for receiving goods and controlling stock
  • Keep examples of product labeling and packaging for the products we store
  • Keep our facility clean (we also have a five-star food hygiene rating)

Strict batch control

When you choose us as your organic warehouse, you also get access to our unique order fulfillment software. This captures best before end (BBE) dates, serial numbers and barcodes, enabling you to:

  • Segregate organic food, supplement or beauty products into batches
  • Specify which batches are used when
  • Trace which batch was used in which order
  • Hold less stock, reducing your costs
An on device image of our order fulfilment software Control Port which links to a video of the software
An example of how best before dates and inventory can be tracked with James and James's order fulfillment software

Strict batch control

When you choose us as your organic warehouse, you also get access to our unique order fulfillment software. This captures best before end (BBE) dates, serial numbers and barcodes, enabling you to:

  • Segregate organic food, supplement or beauty products into batches
  • Specify which batches are used when
  • Trace which batch was used in which order
  • Hold less stock, reducing your costs

See ControlPort in action

Come and take an in-depth look at ControlPort - the original cloud-based order fulfillment platform.

We built it, shaped it and continue to develop it with eCommerce scalability front-of-mind. Our demo is tailored to you and the nature of your business, so we won't follow a formalized structure - you ask the questions, we'll answer them.

  • Find out what makes it 'award-winning'
  • Discover actionable insights for your online brand
  • Hear how it's helped eCommerce businesses achieve considerable growth
  • Explore ViewPort - our real-time, customer facing order tracking software
  • Wonder how you ever managed without it

We rely on ControlPort to run the European and UK parts of our business.

- Luke Davies, Founder, Tina Davies Professional

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What is organic product fulfillment?

Organic product fulfillment is a type of order fulfillment service that specialises in storage, packaging and shipping organic foods, organic supplements and other products. This type of fulfillment service can help businesses that sell healthy, eco-friendly products to more easily manage their inventory and get their items to their customers.

Organic fulfillment services typically have experience shipping plants and perishables and ensuring that they arrive at their destination in optimum condition. They also often have staff who are trained in the proper handling and packing of organic items, which can help to minimize damage during transit. Additionally, many organic product fulfillment services offer tracking systems so businesses can keep tabs on their shipments at all times.

Why use an organic fulfillment warehouse?

There are a number of reasons to use an organic fulfillment center. One of the most important reasons is that it can help you ensure that your products are handled and stored in a way that preserves the organic integrity of your product.

Organic warehouses also have staff who are specially trained in handling and storing organic products, which means that you can be confident that your products will be handled with the utmost care. Not only do you not have to worry about shipping organic products, additionally, using an organic fulfillment warehouse can help you save money on inventory and shipping costs as they oversee these processes for you and often have special software to aid every stage of the fulfillment journey.

There are a few key reasons to use an organic fulfillment warehouse:

1. To ensure your products are handled and stored with the utmost care and respect – Organic products must meet rigorous standards. Organic fulfillment partners are well versed in picking, packing and shipping these items so you can trust that your products will be handled properly.

2. To save time and hassle – Using an organic fulfillment partner means that you don’t have to worry about training staff on how to handle and store organic products, or about implementing special storage procedures. The experts at an organic fulfillment warehouse will take care of all of that for you and fulfill orders with maximum efficiency.

3. To maintain your organic certification – If you want to maintain your organic certification, it’s important to use a fulfillment house that meets all of the requirements and set standards for organic product handling and distributing.

What does organic certification mean for a fulfillment business?

Organic certification is a process by which products are verified as meeting the set legal organic standards. These standards include requirements for how organic food is grown, handled, processed, and transported.

Organic certification gives consumers confidence that their product contains no chemical preservatives and has been produced using sustainable practices that protect the environment and promote animal welfare. It also assures them that the product has not been genetically modified and does not contain any synthetic pesticides or herbicides.

Organic certification for a fulfillment business means that the company has been inspected and approved by a third-party agency as compliant with organic regulations. This means that the company is allowed to label and sell any products it handles as organic and consumers can use these products with confidence that what they are receiving is legitimate.

Organic regulations are quite stringent, and cover all aspects of production, handling, and processing. To be certified organic, a business must demonstrate that it meets these regulations in every phase of its operation. This includes everything from seed sourcing to finished product shipping.

What role does fulfillment play in maintaining product integrity for organic products?

Product integrity is a critical part of any business. Maintaining the quality and accuracy of products as they move through the supply chain is essential for ensuring customer satisfaction and protecting a company’s reputation.

Organic fulfillment plays an important role in maintaining product integrity by providing accurate tracking of such products as they move through the fulfillment process. This helps to ensure that products are delivered in the correct condition and to the correct location, reduces the chances of product loss or damage, and allows businesses to quickly identify and rectify any issues that may arise.

Organic fulfillment is important for maintaining product integrity because it helps to ensure that products are delivered in an environmentally friendly way. By using organic fulfillment, companies can reduce their environmental impact and optimise their supply chain operations.

Fulfillment plays a critical role in maintaining organic product integrity by ensuring that products are shipped and stored under the correct conditions. Temperature and humidity fluctuations can cause structural damage to natural products, which can compromise their quality and lead to the loss of organic certification. Fulfillment centers that are certified to handle organic products must meet strict environmental requirements, including temperature and humidity controls, to protect the integrity of the products.

What needs to be considered when fulfilling organic products?

There are a number of things to consider when fulfilling organic and natural products.

The first is organic certification. There are many different agencies that certify organic products, so it’s important to make sure the products you’re selling are certified by a reputable organisation.

Another thing to keep in mind is the handling of organic produce. Organic items must be handled with care to avoid cross contamination with non-organic items. This means keeping them separate and taking special care not to mix them with other produce while they are being packaged and shipped.

Finally, effective communication is key when fulfilling orders for organic products. Make sure you’re aware of the legal regulations as well as any specific requirements or instructions from suppliers or online shoppers regarding the orders.

Did you know? We’re organic to our roots

Our founders, James Hyde and James Strachan, started the company while working for Green Bay Harvest – an online organic honey store.

When looking for a fulfillment provider for the business, all they could find were messy warehouses running on out-dated systems. So they decided to build their own.

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