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    Speak to a fashion fulfillment expert

    For a tailor-made (get it?) fashion fulfillment solution, pop your details into the form below and we’ll get in touch to discuss next steps.

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    Why use our fashion fulfilment service?

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    Brilliant customer experience

    Our service is designed for small, lightweight items, making it perfect for fashion products. We’ll delight your customers with:

    • Expertly packed items, to help minimize damage
    • Same-day dispatch and fast shipping
    • Online tracking of their order from checkout to doorstep
    • Branded packaging when you take 1,000+ orders per month
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    Trackable online returns

    James and James’ returns management service creates a simple, quick experience for both you and your customers. Our ViewPort returns portal:

    • Allows customers to initiate and track returns online
    • Enables you to collect data on the reason for returns
    • Customizable with your brand logo, color palette and return reasons
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    Simple inventory management

    Our unique order fulfillment software makes it easy to manage your inventory. You’ll be able to:

    • Manage your orders and inventory anywhere, any time, on any device
    • Export data and reports for simple analysis and forecasting
    • Receive alerts when stock is running low, so you never sell out of an item
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    We’re building an international brand with a reputation for high-performance garments. We see James and James as an important partner in this global marketing strategy.

    order fulfilment for fashion brandsAndy Caughey, Co-founder

    Armadillo Merino shoots for the stars with global fulfilment solution

    With a customer base of soldiers, firefighters and even NASA astronauts, Armadillo Merino needed a global fulfillment partner that could deliver on time, every time.

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    “Spending a fortune on carefully curated websites and great delivery promises is a wasted investment if the product turns up late, damaged or covered in unnecessary packaging.”

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    500% increase

    Hairstory’s monthly orders grew over five fold


    Trusted by hundreds eCommerce businesses


    The Literary Gift Company doubled their turnover


    What is fashion fulfillment

    Fashion fulfillment is the process of ensuring that the items from your eCommerce, retail business are delivered to the right customer at the right time, in optimum condition. The process encompasses everything from ordering and tracking inventory to managing shipping logistics and handling returns.

    Fulfillment can be extremely challenging, especially with industries where seasonality and launches can significantly influence order volumes. Fashion eCommerce fulfillment services such as those offered by James and James will have a system in place that can handle last-minute orders and ensure that all items arrive on time, in perfect condition, and within your allocated budget.

    Why use fashion fulfillment services?

    A fulfillment service can help online retailers to manage their stock and improve their delivery times. By using a third party eCommerce logistics service, retailers can reduce the amount of stock that they need to hold in-house, which can free up valuable space in their warehouses.

    Additionally, by using a fulfillment service, retailers can often improve their delivery times as the service will have access to a larger network of couriers than the retailer would have if fulfilling orders independently. This improved delivery time can be beneficial for retailers as it can mean that they are able to get products to their customers more quickly and build a good brand reputation for being fast and reliable.

    Some other benefits are as follows:

    Scalability at a Lower Cost
    Partnering with a global fulfillment partner such as James and James for your fashion brands fulfillment needs means you only pay for the storage you use giving you total flexibility when it comes to reducing or increasing stock as necessary. We scale with you so there is no need for unnecessary investment in bigger premises, eCommerce integration software and staff – we handle all of that for you.

    Great Customer Service 
    As an order fulfillment provider we ensure that all orders are picked and packed in a timely and accurate manner. This is done through detailed and efficient inventory management. We also handle the coordination of shipping through our cloud software meaning that both you and your customers can be confident that orders arrive as

    Quick and professional returns service
    When we say we handle fulfillment from start to finish we are not kidding. Once orders are picked, packed and shipped. We offer tracking and returns solutions to make sure the products we send out reach their intended destination. By processing returns professionally and efficiently, customers can be refunded or sent a replacement in no time at all. As part of our inventory management system we will inspect any returned items and either return them to stock for resale or safely and properly dispose of the items if not suitable for resale.

    Why should I outsource my fulfillment needs?

    Outsourcing your fashion fulfillment needs can be a great decision for a number of reasons. By outsourcing, you can save time and money while still receiving high-quality service. Here are three specific benefits of outsourcing:

    Increased efficiency
    When you partner with a fulfillment company, you are handing over fulfilment responsibility to experts in the field. They will take care of all the logistics for you, from packing and shipping to returns management and customer service. This will free up your time to focus on more important tasks, like designing and marketing your products.

    Reduced cost
    A fulfillment company is likely to be more cost effective than hiring in-house staff to handle these tasks. They will also have the latest technology and equipment at their disposal, which will help to reduce costs further.

    Improved customer service
    By outsourcing your fulfillment needs, you can ensure that your customers receive excellent service at all times as you are able to track every step of the fulfillment journey and quickly identify any areas for improvement.

    How can you use fulfillment and shipping to scale your business?

    You can use fulfillment and shipping to scale your business by outsourcing these services to a third-party provider. This will allow you to focus on expanding your business and growing your customer base, while leaving the logistics of shipping and fulfilling orders to someone else.

    Third-party fulfillment and shipping providers offer a variety of services, including order processing, packaging, shipping, and returns management. They can also accommodate a wide range of shipping methods and speeds, so you can be sure that your customers will receive their orders in a timely manner.

    By outsourcing your fulfillment and shipping needs, you can minimize the stress and administrative burden associated with these tasks, freeing up time and resources to focus on scaling your business.

    Why is retail fulfillment important for your online store?

    Retail fulfillment is important for your online store because it ensures that your customers receive accurate orders in a timely manner. By using third-party fashion fulfillment services, you can streamline the process of shipping orders and reduce the chances of errors occurring. Additionally, a good fulfillment provider can help you to grow your business by increasing your order volume and improving your customer satisfaction levels.

    By having a well organised order fulfillment process, you are able to make it easier and more convenient for your customers to purchase items from your store. This can help to improve customer experience, increase brand loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

    While it is possible to fulfil orders independently, partnering with a 3pl provider such as James and James mean you can spend less time on admin and more time developing quality products. Inexperience can result in lost sales and disgruntled customers so by harnessing the experience of fulfillment services you can provide excellent customer service and quick delivery times, setting yourself apart from the competition and attracting new customers all while saving time, money and resources. What are you waiting for?

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