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Fulfillment services for toys and games brands

The fulfillment of toys and games fluctuates seasonally, and it’s no surprise the highest order volume is seen during peak and Christmas. Nothing says ‘ruined birthday party’ more than an undelivered, or even incorrect, toy gift.

Toy crazes combined with constantly evolving category trends can make for challenging forecasting, so staying atop of inventory management is key. Whether you’ve crowdfunded a new game, or you’re an established, scaling toy giant, James and James Fulfillment has the resources to ensure your customers’ orders arrive on time and in perfect condition.

We provide order fulfillment services to leading toys and games brands. We store your products – from puzzles, jigsaws and educational toys, to card games and board games – in our fulfillment centers, then pick, pack and despatch online orders to your customers.

Why use our toys and games fulfillment service?

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Orderly, clean and convenient storage

Product availability, time of arrival and condition are key requirements for customers ordering toys and games. Our global fulfillment centers are the ideal place to store and despatch highly-anticipated toys and games products, thanks to:

  • Locations close to transport links and courier hubs
  • Rapid shipping to expand your global reach and access new customers
  • Clean storage, ensuring your products arrive in excellent condition
  • Assembly and kitting processes to expertly prepare toys and games for the marketplace

Magical customer experience

Our fulfillment service is designed for small, lightweight items, making it perfect for toys and games. We’ll delight your customers and ensure they shop with you time and time again by offering:

  • Expertly packed items, to ensure toys arrive in one piece
  • Same-day despatch and fast shipping
  • End-to-end online tracking of their order from checkout to doorstep
  • Customised packaging when you take 1,000+ orders per month
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Brilliant customer experience

Our service is designed for small, lightweight items, making it perfect for gifts and stationery products. We’ll delight your customers with:

  • Expertly packed items, to help minimise damage
  • Same-day despatch and fast shipping
  • Online tracking of their order from checkout to doorstep
  • Branded packaging when you take 1,000+ orders per month
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Real-time, accurate inventory management

Our unique order fulfillment software makes it easy to manage your inventory all year long. You’ll be able to:

  • Manage your orders and inventory anywhere, any time, on any device
  • Export data and reports
  • Receive alerts when stock is running low so you never sell out of an in-demand toy or game

What do our toys and games clients say?

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Cards Against Humanity expands fulfillment network with James and James

The crowdfunded card game chose James and James to provide UK and European fulfillment for its own brands and those backed by its Blackbox spin-out.
James and James is a great partner. Their operation is highly organized, their technology is sharp and always developing, and best of all, the people are kind, helpful and smart.

– Ben Hantoot, Co-founder and Partner, Cards Against Humanity

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The Literary Gift Company gains the “brainspace” to double turnover

The Literary Gift Company has solved storage issues, reclaimed valuable time and doubled its turnover in four years, by outsourcing its fulfillment to us.
There’s no way we could’ve managed the volume of orders we receive at Christmas now. Outsourcing was definitely the right thing to do.

– Dani Hall, Founder, The Literary Gift Company

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Anderson Entertainment saves 8 hours a week on customer service time

By outsourcing to us, the production company behind Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet has improved stock control, pick and pack accuracy, and returns handling, leading to a reduction in queries from customers.
My visit to James and James’s fulfillment center felt a bit like I was stepping into Thunderbird 2’s hangar. They’ve gone on to become our International Rescue.

– Jamie Anderson, Director, Anderson Entertainment