Delight your customers with fast, reliable and affordable shipping options

Once your orders have been picked and packed, the next stage of the order fulfillment process is shipping. When you choose James and James’ e-fulfillment service, you’ll get access to a wide range of fast, affordable shipping options, which will delight your customers.

Get the best quality shipping at the lowest price

We work with a range of reputable carriers internationally, securing discounts on standard shipping rates due to the volume of orders we ship.

What’s more, once your orders have been packed, our order fulfillment software automatically allocates them to the most cost and time-effective shipping service, saving you money and delighting your customers.

Offer your customers same-day dispatch as standard

98% of orders are picked, packed and ready for dispatch by the appropriate courier collection time every single day.

That means you can incentivize your customers to buy, by offering same-day dispatch deadlines through your online store. You can also offer them tracking of their order – from payment to doorstep – via our online ViewPort system.

Check every address is accurate automatically

Every address on every order is automatically checked the moment it enters our system, to ensure the highest level of delivery accuracy.

You can also get email alerts or check the exceptions report to find and edit them, preventing unwanted delays.

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