Manage, update, and keep track of your SKUs in one simple place

We’ve designed ControlPort to be simple and time-efficient, regardless of whether you’re prioritising a couple of SKUs or a couple of hundred.

Upload new SKUs (stock keeping units) and ASNs (advanced shipping notices), track the progress of new consignments, and get total peace of mind that your stock is being properly cared for.

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    Full vision of your SKUs

    Manage your SKUs in minutes, not hours

    As an eCommerce business, your inventory is your greatest asset. That’s why we’ve made it incredibly easy – and incredibly fast – to manage all of your SKUs in one place.

    SKU management made simple

    Our intuitive interface means you can quickly add new SKUs or update the details of existing SKUs without friction, whether you’re on desktop, mobile, or tablet.

    And if you’re adding lots of new products or uploading your products for the first time, you can make short work of it with our bulk upload functionality, saving yourself potentially hours of time.

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    Track new consignments

    Expecting an important delivery? We’ll give you peace of mind by letting you know as soon as we receive it, and update you as we’re processing your goods and placing them into inventory.

    We’ll also alert you if you spot any issues with your consignments, so you’ll never, ever be in the dark.

    Hands on or hands off?

    If you’d prefer to let someone else handle the admin, that’s fine too. It’s easy to set up new user accounts for your team – or even your suppliers – and hide any sensitive information that you’d prefer them not to see.

    If you elect someone else to take over the inventory management side of things, we’re happy to jump on a training call to get them up to speed.

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    Or use our Developer API

    Don’t see your required integration listed above? Don’t worry; with our custom API and developer tools, we can build an integration with any platform, including bespoke solutions.

    And, if you’d prefer to hand the reins over to your own tech team, our open-source API is available for them to make an integration that works perfectly for you.

    Get in touch to learn more about our API.

    See the difference for yourself

    Discover more with a live demo

    Let us guide you through everything we’ve mentioned above – and everything else ControlPort has to offer – with a personalized live demo of ControlPort. Arrange a demo today and learn how the platform works in greater detail.

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