Returns handling

Make returns quick and simple for you and your customers

It’s inevitable that, now and again, a customer will want to return something. It’s an issue for online retailers in all sectors – from fashion and beauty to electronics and gifts.

But so many eCommerce brands treat their returns handling as an afterthought. Their process is slow and leaves customers in the dark, wondering when they’ll get their money back.

So what if your returns management service gave you the edge that kept customers coming back for more? The returns process is the perfect opportunity to delight your customers with the ease and visibility of your returns handling and ensure they choose your brand again in the future.

That’s where James and James comes in. Here’s how we can help you:

Ensure customers receive the perfect item in the first place

A return should never come back to you because the wrong item was sent initially or it was damaged through poor packaging.

Fortunately, our pick and pack process has an industry-leading accuracy of 99.999% and ensures every order is package carefully and appropriately.

Offer customers quick and easy returns

Our online ViewPort system is a revolutionary returns management feature.

Say goodbye to paper slips in the parcel – instead, it’s a simple online system that your customers can access from any device.

Your customer is able to quickly and easily generate their return online through the ViewPort portal. When doing so we’ll ask them to specify the reason for their return (giving you helpful data that can be used to reduce returns in the future).

With our intelligent returns handling technology, you’re automatically notified of their incoming package before it even begins its journey back.

Track every returned item

Every order we send has a unique order number and barcode, so if a return requires specific or personalized treatment, it can be identified immediately and action taken accordingly.

These unique identifiers also mean both you and the customer know when the return has been received and processed, adding visibility throughout the return journey and reducing the strain of returns on your customer service team.

Take control of the entire returns process

When you work with us, you can specify a standard returns procedure, including free post return labels or a courier collection, plus the options for us to inspect and restock returned items, forward them to your headquarters, or provide photographs.

We take care of the processing quickly and efficiently, so you don’t have to.

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