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Reach customers across the EU, today and tomorrow, with our European fulfillment center

We currently ship orders to customers across the European Union (EU) from our UK fulfillment center. Thanks to the UK’s fast, low-cost delivery services and place in the Customs Union, it’s as efficient to do this, as it is to ship from a location in mainland Europe.

If a no-deal Brexit happens – or the UK leaves the Customs Union as part of a deal – that will change. Fortunately, we’ve got contingencies in place, to ensure our clients aren’t affected. We plan to open a European fulfillment center.

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What would a Brexit deal mean?

The deal that was previously negotiated would keep the UK in the Customs Union until December 2020. During this “transition period”, retailers would still enjoy frictionless trade, so that orders shipped from the UK to EU customers wouldn’t be subject to customs charges or delays. A new trade deal would be negotiated during this time, giving everyone more clarity on the future and longer to prepare for it.

What would no-deal Brexit mean?

The UK would leave the Customs Union, without any trade agreement to replace it, on 31 October 2019. As such, orders shipped from the UK to the EU would be delayed at borders, while checks and taxes are applied. The government advises retailers to register for an EORI number and simplified imports, to minimize the impact of this. To help further, we would open a new fulfillment center in mainland Europe.

How would an EU facility work?

Our European fulfillment center would enable retailers to ship their stock in bulk into the EU. They would absorb customs delays and taxes themselves, in order to maintain a frictionless experience for EU customers. Due to the standardized processes and technology we use across our facilities, we’ve opened fulfillment centers in a single weekend. We’ve been assessing locations in the Netherlands to do this.

Keep up with the latest on our European fulfillment center

In the run up to Brexit, we’ve been writing regularly about its potential impact on us, our clients and the wider eCommerce market. You can read our latest advice and insight on our blog, and check back regularly as the Brexit debate continues.

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