Pick and pack

Choose a fast, accurate and scaleable pick and pack fulfillment service

Once your products have come through goods in, and been welcomed and stored in our fulfillment centers, the next step of the order fulfillment process is pick and pack. Here’s how it works.

We receive your orders

After you integrate your online store with our order fulfillment software, every order you receive will automatically come to us for picking and packing.

That means we assemble each order from the products stored in our warehouses, put it into appropriate packaging, label it and get it ready for shipping

We pick the right items quickly and accurately

Our expert team travel around our warehouses picking the items for each order, guided by our cloud-based warehouse management software.

This software calculates the most efficient journey through each warehouse, minimizing travel time and stops, so that your orders are picked as quickly as possible.

It also ensures that your orders are right first time – through a mixture of weight, visual and barcode checks, our team know they’re picking the right items, leading to less than one error in every 200,000 orders.

We pack each order in customizable packaging

Your orders are carefully packed in suitable packaging for the items inside.

We offer customized packing slips and shipping labels as standard, which include your brand’s logo and business details. This means that your end customer will only see your brand and never know that a third party is handling your fulfillment.

If you take more than 5,000 orders per month, you’ll also have the option to use fully branded packaging, such as poly mailers or boxes.

We grow as you do

Our cloud-based software and global network of fulfillment centers mean that we can rapidly scale our pick and pack operations to meet growing demand for your products and increasing order volumes.

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