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Gandys’ powerful brand story saw the brand go through rapid growth.

gandys case study

As a result, Gandys was looking for a partner with the technology to provide detailed insights on stock management and who could help them navigate a successful peak.

Gandys was founded by two brothers who sadly lost their parents whilst on holiday and have since gone on to launch a global clothing brand with a commitment to helping children worldwide.

Claire Charlton, Head of Customer Service, said:“We’re a travel-inspired lifestyle brand. We were set up by two brothers from London who travelled around the world with their family. Tragically, whilst they were travelling, they survived but lost their parents in the boxing day tsunami in Sri Lanka. So they set up this brand 10 years ago to honour their parents and they’ve set up kids campuses around the world.“

gandys case study 1

The challenge

Prior to partnering with James and James, Gandys handled their own fulfilment but soon began to struggle with space, a common problem for businesses as they Scale Up. Brands often reach the point where they have enough space to fulfil their minimum order quantities but find themselves at maximum capacity during peak periods, with not enough staff to handle seasonal fluctuations in order volume.

We did our own fulfilment prior to James and James and we simply ran out of room. With regards to visibility on stock and fulfilment, it was a real challenge for us with the space that we had and also the workforce as well.

Claire Charlton, Head of Customer Service

Often bands do not want to outsource their fulfilment as they think by giving up control, they will have less visibility of their stock. However, by using fulfilment technology (like our award-winning platform, Controlport), companies can actually have far more insight into their warehouse and stock management than they might be used to.

What we created

Gandys is extremely proud of their brand and the relationship they have with their customers so it was vital that peak 2021 was successful. James and James created and implemented a strong peak strategy with all SLAs met and despatching 414% more orders on Black Friday compared to their normal order volume.

By delegating full time responsibility of their fulfilment to James and James, it allowed Gandys to focus on developing their business and sharing their powerful brand story. Thanks to ControlPort, they also had a better view of their inventory health, despite it no longer being in their own building.

gandys case study 2

What we delivered

Most eCommerce companies searching for a fulfilment partner will do so because fulfilling the volume of orders is their biggest challenge. However, what many brands aren’t aware they are missing is the technology to provide intelligent business decisions into their fulfilment and warehouse management.

Gandys also integrated with James and James’ award-winning technology, ControlPort, which gave them greater visibility and control over their stock, as well as insights into product performance.

James and James’ mission with Gandys was to have a successful peak and offer bespoke advice to help them keep Scaling Up.

Being with James and James has been an absolute game changer for us. Our first peak season with James and James has come and gone and it’s been amazing, our SLAs have been fantastic!

Claire Charlton, Head of Customer Service

And what about the future for Gandys partnership with James and James?

International fulfilment is on the horizon for Gandys as there is already a worldwide demand for their products.

“We have been speaking with our account manager to implement Global-e which is something we used before when we did our own fulfilment, so we’re hoping to do that soon. We want to switch on our international marketing and really pump it and get it moving with James and James.”

James and James currently has fulfilment centres in the UK, EU and US with plans to open up in new locations in 2022/23. Expanding into new international territories is something that Gandys are looking for in a partner, and James and James are ready to help.

“Definitely, America, Australia, France Germany – they’re all popular areas for us so as much as we can really.”

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