Subscription box fulfilment for fast-moving brands

Both start-ups and established brands are hopping on the subscription box trend. So much so that the market is set to grow by a massive 70% by 2020. With this increasing competition for customer loyalty, it’s vital to get your subscription box fulfilment right.

That’s where James and James can help. We specialise in eCommerce fulfilment for fast-moving consumer brands. We fulfil a variety of subscription-based products, ensuring the right box reaches the right customer in the fastest possible time.

A happy customer receives a parcel via a subscription box fulfilment service

Memorable customer service

Our service is optimised for small, lightweight items, making it perfect for the gifts, health and beauty products you find in subscription boxes. We’ll delight your customers with:

  • Expertly packed boxes, to help minimise damage
  • Same-day despatch and fast shipping
  • Online tracking of their box from checkout to doorstep
  • Branded boxes when you take 500+ orders per month
An aisle in one of James and James's fulfilment centres

Clean, convenient storage

Our global fulfilment centres are the ideal place to store subscription-based products, thanks to:

  • Organic certification from the Soil Assocation
  • A five-star hygiene rating from the Food Standards Agency
  • Locations close to transport links and courier hubs
  • Rapid shipping to customers across the globe

Simple inventory management

Our unique order fulfilment software makes it easy to manage your subscription box inventory. You’ll be able to:

  • Segregate products into batches, based on best before dates and serial numbers
  • Specify and trace which batches are used when
  • Set up assemblies, to manage which products go in which boxes
  • Manage your orders and inventory anywhere, any time, on any device

Examples of subscription-based products we fulfil

Supplements are handled as part of our subscription box fulfilment service

Vitamins and supplements

Health and wellbeing brands partner with us, thanks to our rigorous batch control and traceability. We deliver regularly and efficiently to their subscribers.
Household goods are handled as part of our subscription box fulfilment service

Household goods

Subscription boxes don’t have to be glamorous. We fulfil practical, everyday items too – from water filters to contact lenses – on a monthly or quarterly basis.
Non-perishable foods are handled as part of our subscription box fulfilment service

Non-perishable foods

With ambient temperature storage and best before date management, we can handle non-perishable foods, such as snack subscription boxes.

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