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Bare Conductive

James and James is a key component to Bare Conductive’s business strategy


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Bare Conductive is a London-based technology start-up, developing a platform of sensing technologies based around its electrically conductive paint and capacitive hardware. This platform is currently manifested through consumer-facing products and a select number of projects with industry partners.

James and James has been a crucial partner in growing our community, cutting our costs and putting our business at the forefront of Printed Electronics.

Bibi Nelson,

The Challenge

In 2014, Bare Conductive had reached their maximum capacity when it came to shipping orders direct to their customers. They needed outsourced support from an eCommerce fulfilment specialist.

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What we created

A thorough plan of action for Bare Conductive’s order fulfilment, incorporating product assemblies as part of the brand’s sought-after development kits.

By delegating all fulfilment responsibility to James and James, Bare Conductive found themselves in a better position to focus their time and attention on design, marketing and sales.

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What we delivered

In Bibi’s words: “James and James have enabled us to adopt a postponement strategy within our supply chain. We have a lot of nested products that we supply in our development kits – for example, parts that we sell on their own and as part of kits.

“All of our individual parts are stored at James and James, so the final assembly of products happens just before they are needed to ship. This not only gives us flexibility in choosing which product to assemble based on demand (therefore reducing our overall stock on hand), it also reduces our costs overall by 10.5%.

“But maybe, more importantly, the key to our growth is making sure that our community of thousands of engineering, designers, and developers in 50+ countries around the world can get our products fast. James and James make that possible in a way that we could never achieve by ourselves.”

As well as delivering on our operational promises, we’ve been able to provide Bare Conductive with the much-needed insight into stock movements and visibility of orders through ControlPort. 

“As we’ve worked with James and James for a number of years now, we’ve seen them investing heavily in increasing efficiencies in their processes. They’re helping our business thrive.”