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How suffering from eczema lead to a new business opportunity for Yasir Khan

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Owner and founder of Organic India, Yasir Khan, spent years battling eczema and searching for new treatments to clear his skin condition which lead him to India in the hunt for a cure.

James and James were chosen for several reasons. Firstly it had great tech, the platform was great for the visibility of both customer orders and stock levels. It also offered tools for forecasting and inventory management. Secondly, the support offered was great. Being offered a client success manager, as well as a quick to respond support email, was a big draw point for us.

Yasir said: “I have always been an entrepreneur and had a family business from a young age selling European food but when I was looking for a treatment for my skin a came across organic products which worked really well for me and I thought these herbal teas and supplements could help others too.“

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Witnessing firsthand how these organic treatments helped Yasir through his eczema, he was keen to bring the products to market and help millions of other people who suffer from skin conditions across the world.

However, selling natural products hasn’t been plain sailing for Organic India, with the pandemic causing supply chain and restocking issues as well as advertising restrictions making it difficult to promote their products.

“The supplements are from herbal plants in India and based on alternative medicine called Ayurveda.”

“We have had our pay-per-click ads suspended a few times as Google is suspicious of supplement products which has affected our sales. Fortunately, we have just relaunched our PPC campaigns with a new agency and we are back in the zone of scaling up.”

Finding the right patterns is a challenge for businesses of all sizes. One of the biggest lessons Yasir has learned since launching Organic India is the importance of knowing which parts of the business to outsource and which to keep in-house.

“We previously outsourced all of our marketing but we felt the agency didn’t capture our brand as well as we could do in-house. We now have a new marketing agency who handles the technical aspects such as PPC but we grow the brand ourselves.”

The purpose of outsourcing should be to save you time so you can focus on the elements you’re good at and leave the other parts to an expert. You want the balance between saving time but not wasting money.

Yasir Khan, Founder

There are often many challenges at the start of the journey for a business and every peak and trough is felt but Organic India have come through this and are scaling up.

“We are currently predominantly B2B but we are rapidly growing our B2C side and want this to become the lion’s share of our business.”

The next step on Organic Growth’s Scale Up Journey is to expand into Europe.

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