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Dotty Dungarees

James and James makes US expansion a reality

Dotty Dungarees lifestyle image

In 2016 Dotty Dungarees Co-founders, Alice Goldsmith and Georgie Parr, moved into their new Dotty HQ – a little wooden shed with a bright red floor.

From the shed, they picked and packed all of their orders by hand. Two years later, Dotty products were stocked the world over, from County Cork to Lake Como, Edinburgh to Alicante.

Following this incredible success, they took the plunge and headed off to the big US. of A. The humble dungarees is now available East to West and everywhere in between.

We genuinely wouldn’t have been able to expand into America without James and James.

Alice Goldsmith
Co-founder – Dotty Dungarees
Alice Goldsmith co-founder

The Challenge

Dotty Dungarees. They’re specialists in one thing and one thing only – so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing when it comes to dungarees. And because they do dungarees so well, demand for their uniquely designed clothing lines grew fast – both in the UK and US. In fact, in 2020 they grew by a whopping 75% – and they’re seeing a similar pace of growth for 2021.

And so, as the first port of call, James and James needed to establish fashion fulfilment services in the US for the brand, as fast as you can say ‘dungarees.’

What we created

Dotty Dungarees was set up at our Ohio-based fulfilment centre in no time.

The James and James blueprint of award-winning technology (ControlPort), processes and people is replicated across all of our fulfilment centres, no matter where they are in the world, to ensure consistent service delivery.

The founders Alice Goldsmith and Georgie Parr did their research and found James and James’s US operations to be the best in terms of size and options moving forward. Supported by their Onboarding Specialist, Dotty Dungarees’ Shopify platform was integrated with our system and ready to start receiving and dispatching customer orders.

What we delivered

Co-founder of Dotty Dungarees, Alice Goldsmith said, “Without James and James we simply wouldn’t be able to start selling so widely in the US. They catered for us as a smaller, rapidly growing brand with a lot of SKUs of different styles and colours – and at a competitive price.

Before we partnered with James and James, we’d have our dungarees shipped to the UK from our suppliers in China, be hit with import tax, and then ship to individual stockists. We were hemorrhaging costs when we didn’t need to.

We’ve made so many cost-savings by outsourcing, and that means we can continue to make investments in what we do best – dungarees.”

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