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In some ways our order fulfilment process is similar to other fulfilment partners out there, but in many ways, it’s very different. When we first founded James and James in 2010, we set out to disrupt the industry and find solutions to outdated fulfilment processes.

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The worlds-first

Optimised for light-weight, fast-moving products

As the world’s first digital-native fulfilment service, we use custom-built technology during every stage of our process to ensure accurate, speedy, and reliable order fulfilment operation.

We’re highly optimised for light-weight, fast-moving products like these. By only focussing on specific types of products, we’re able to efficiently fulfil thousands of orders each and every day.

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Five-step process

Our order fulfilment process

Here’s a bit more detail about our 5-step fulfilment process

A James and James team member unloads a box from a van, as part of the order fulfilment process

Step 1

Goods in

First impressions are important, so that’s why we go the extra mile to make them count. Our goods in process is highly controlled because it has so much impact on the rest of the fulfilment operation. We have dedicated teams who forensically check your items to ensure they’re in good enough condition to send to your customers. If there are any issues here, we’ll let you know right away.

The most important part of Goods In is tracking. It allows us, you, and your customers (once they’ve made an order) to track each item as it moves through the fulfilment centre. You’ll be able to see exactly where it is up until it reaches your customer’s doorstep. Additionally, you’ll be able to see if there’s any hold-ups, problems, or other issues, and so you’ll always be in the loop regarding the status of your inventory.

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Step 2


Each of our fulfilment centres have tonnes of clean, safe storage spaces where your items will live temporarily. We’ve got two types of storage; pick storage and pallet storage. Small items go into pick storage, whereas the larger ones will be stored on pallets. Every individual storage area is labelled, which ensures you only pay for what you use.

We’ve also got a dedicated high-value storage area for those premium, expensive, or luxury goods, and our facilities are monitored by security 24/7 to make sure your inventory is safe and secure at all times.

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A James and James team member takes items from a picking trolley at a packing desk

Step 3

Picking and packing

Our fulfilment technology calculates the fastest pick routes each time an order is placed, allowing us to carefully pick your orders and get them down to the packing area quickly. We take photos of each product during the Goods In process, which helps to ensure the correct item is picked. Also, pickers are required to scan each item as they pick it, and if the barcode doesn’t match, they’ll be notified.

Our pallet storage areas are conveniently located by the despatch area, so we only need to move the heavier products a short distance to get dispatched.

Our packing teams will select the most cost-effective packaging option for each order, or if you can provide them with instructions if you have specific packaging requirements. Additionally, if you ship over 1000 orders per month, you’ll be eligible for custom packaging.

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A Royal Mail worker loads trolleys onto a van, as part of the order fulfilment process

Step 4


We have a vast network of carrier partners in each of the territories we operate in. Whether your preference is Royal Mail, DPD, DHL, UPS, FedEx (or many others), we’ll ensure your items get shipped with the right courier. Via our software, you’re able to choose your preferences. Or, if you’d prefer, leave it to us and we’ll automatically assign the most cost-effective shipping option for each order.

One of the perks of Choosing James and James is that you’ll receive a shipping discount as one of our clients due the vast quantities of shipments we send out each day. You can use this discount to increase your margins or pass discounts onto your customers; whatever works best for you.

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James and James's fulfilment software being used in the fulfilment centre

Step 5

Returns management

Processing returns can be both a headache and frustration, but we’ll take care of that for you, too. Returns can happen for a number of reasons, but in the first instance we’ll check whether or not a return should have happened in the first place. If a return is valid, we’ll immediately notify you of the reason for a return, and issue a full refund. Then, if the item is in good condition, we’ll pop it back into storage.

We understand that businesses need to have a returns policy in place to stay competitive. However, if you begin to find that returns are happening too frequently, our Client Services Team will work with you to look at ways to reduce returns, whether that’s making changes to your website, refining your returns policy, or improving customer service.

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