Storage cost calculator

Only pay for the storage you use

We only charge storage fees for the exact space that items take up in our fulfilment centres. And we charge these fees by the day, so you only pay for what you use.


Calculate the storage fees for your products

If you know the volume of your product, you can easily calculate our daily, weekly, monthly or yearly fee for its storage below.

Item dimensions



£4308378.444 Less than 0.001p


Example fees

Here are some examples fees for common household items. The dimensions are based on a bounding box – the smallest cube-shaped box that the item will fit in.

Remember, if you intend to sell an item within two months, then the average time it’s on the shelf is only half of this. So, on average, you’ll pay for one month’s storage.


Deck of play cards

£0.002 per month

A mug


£0.03 per month

A kettle


£0.22 per month