for the Ageless

Supplement store sees growth thanks to James and James Fulfillment

Supplements and vitamins

Founded in 2016, for the Ageless is a food supplement store, specializing in ground-breaking herbal and multivitamin formulas, aimed at people who see ‘complete wellbeing’ as the new ‘beautiful’. The store’s highlights include a cherry-picked collection of some of the best CBD oil products available in the UK.

Joining James and James was one of the best decisions we’ve made since we launched the store.


The Challenge

The CBD oil company initially used a combination of dropshipping and in-house fulfillment to get items to customers, but with sales growing, they decided to look for an alternative solution.

What we created

for the Ageless explored multiple options prior to outsourcing to James and James. “One option was to own or rent our own warehouse, and have a team in charge of packing and dispatching,” Daniel explained. “But because we wanted to keep the company small, we decided to outsource.”

“We found James and James Fulfillment online after much research. We chose them for their ethical and organic standards, and slick software system and processes. We wanted to spend more time providing customer service and less time worrying about packing orders. We also wanted to be able to hold fresh stock in their state-of-the-art fulfillment center.”

And so, James and James advised on how it could help the brand achieve all of these objectives, and a partnership was created.

What we delivered

We demonstrated our expertise and capabilities to reassure that outsourcing was the right way to go for the company.

Daniel said, “Starting to work with James and James was daunting at first – there was a lot to learn and it was difficult to let go of many of the processes that we used to run in-house. Soon, it became clear that joining James and James was one of the best decisions we’ve made since we launched the store. Instead of picking and packing orders ourselves, we’ve been able to better focus on customer service and strategy. As a result, we’ve seen substantial growth.

“James and James’s ControlPort software ticked all the boxes for us in terms of level of efficiency and nearly no errors thanks to each product being scanned before packing. The dashboard, inventory and billing functions are invaluable to us, plus being able to track the batch and Best Before Dates is a lifesaver,” he adds.