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The backstory – for the Ageless

for the Ageless is a food supplement store that didn’t really start, or set out to be, a business at all.

It started with a promise to a parent, a customer need for more information around cannabidiol (CBD), and access to high-quality ingredients.

CBD oil is one of the fastest-growing trends, particularly in the UK, with 6 million Brits trying cannabis-based supplements in 2020. for the Ageless is one of many online suppliers of CBD products, and Director Daniel Perez Vidal shares its unique story.

The story behind how and why for the Ageless was created is unique in itself, and it’s something our customers are always keen to learn more about.

I’ve been fascinated by health since a young age, learning what’s good for the human body. It led me to pursue a career as an investigative journalist and professor at university where I had done a great deal of research in the field of health and wellness.

We’re often faced with incredible amounts of information and advice from our GPs – a lot of which can be overwhelming. This was how I felt as a teenager when I was subjected to surgery and prescribed endless medicines for chronic laryngitis and acne. I felt as though I was being pumped with things I didn’t really know much about, so I decided to take it upon myself to research. Once you take the reins of your own wellbeing, practitioners become your consultants who help you make your own decisions.

A large part of my studying involved investigative work around organic vs conventional food types in Spain where I’d visit a number of farms to fully understand the manufacturing processes. Food supplements also became a major interest, because I found out how, along with diet, they could help take care of deficiencies and build resilience.

I found it incredibly difficult at times to figure out what was a marketing message and what pieces of expert advice were factually correct. I’d say it took me around seven years to feel confident with the findings I’d collated, and it was at that point my general health improved significantly.

Fast-forward to today, our team has spent a lot of time looking for good sources of CBD products, superfoods, multivitamins and collagen peptides (or hydrolysed collagen). We’re very picky. For instance, we only sell collagen powders that are clean, safe and tested products, all manufactured in the UK.

We help you make your own decisions.

for the Ageless Director, Daniel Perez Vidal
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A personal promise

When my father was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, my research deepened. He was fully supportive of the research I had carried out and was open to trying adjunct therapies and supplements to complement his treatment.

We looked at his entire lifestyle, from the food he was eating and how many hours’ sleep he was getting, to how active he was and what other stresses could negatively impact his fragile health. His recovery let us see how important it is to look at the big picture.

I made a promise that if things would turn out well, I would share my findings on a website. While I was teaching in class at Hult International, I decided to create this website and focus it on healthy ageing from the angle of those who consider body, mind and spirit equally, those who defy chronological age by truly taking care of themselves. We dedicated the website to these people and called it: ‘for the Ageless’.

Evolving an informative website into an online shopping destination

As we continued to populate the website with information and discoveries, word got around. People became intrigued by the benefits of CBD (which was quite unknown at the time) and the studies that had been done around its efficacy, and would ask us, ‘Where can I get these kinds of products?’

And so, something that began as education, a hub of information, then became a source for the highest-quality supplements and CBD-related products we could find, try and test.

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Savvy supplement shoppers

Our customers are generally savvy people who have done their research and are looking for a higher quality product than what you would normally find on the high street.

We receive very few bad reviews because we deal with customers on a one-to-one basis and solve any issue that may come up immediately. We’re very consultative in our approach to customer care and I think this is where my academic and journalistic background helps in my work. I’m naturally inquisitive so I’ll ask questions to find out how they can achieve better results by adjusting how the products are being used or finding suitable alternatives.

for the Ageless heroes

Our most successful products tend to be those that give people the best results. Certain supplements like hemp tea have proven to be very effective and because they’re quite inexpensive they don’t have much ad spend behind them in the industry. We find they make a difference with our customers, so we recommend them whenever suitable. We’ve also noticed that organic products sell better than conventional products, because they tend to produce better results too. Organic will continue to be a key focus this year.

While we’re not doctors or practitioners, we’ve listened to our customers closely for over five years. In that time, we’ve learned that positive changes in someone’s lifestyle can make such a difference, and supplements can be used to support you in your journey.

The positivity that we ingrained within our first days of launching continues into 2021 and beyond. We’ll be working with ethical entrepreneurs like ourselves to provide an even larger range of natural products. These products will of course fulfil our strict criteria to ensure our boutique store remains a place for first-rate products that consumers can wholeheartedly trust.

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