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The backstory – Wild by Nature

Wild By Nature is a Cannabidiol (CBD) oil brand founded in California by two Australians – Mr. Wilhelm David and Mr. Jeremy Creighton. The pair have built strong reputations in leading global corporations and growing critically acclaimed brands.

They believed they identified CBD as an emerging market and took the opportunity to create a trusted company, empowering consumers to feel safe with a quality product that is thoughtfully produced, delivers on its promises – and tastes great.

We believe in growth, transformation, and the pursuit of discovery. We believe that it isn’t enough to just make another, but rather we should always strive to make something better.

PJ Moffett, Director of Supply Chain

What does Wild by Nature do to off-set the skepticism surrounding CBD?


Wild by Nature’s products start off as a Hemp seed, planted and grown to maturity on North American farms.

Geneticists and agricultural scientists have spent years perfecting these seeds. Through selective breeding and other non-genetically modified organism (GMO) methods, they’ve been able to consistently breed plants that produce high levels of CBD along with other beneficial compounds. This work has enhanced the overall benefits of every product from Wild by Nature.

Every aspect of the process is documented and controlled from the initial seed and the soil that it is grown in, all the way through to final refinement. With a multi-point quality analysis system in place, Wild by Nature ensures the product is consistent, reliable and transparent for the consumer. 

Each test is conducted by independent labs here in the United States, and the results are published against batch codes for transparency. There’s definitely a lot of skepticism in the category, so we’re dedicated to being transparent in how our products are made and exactly what goes into every one. The main focus for us is providing an amazing CBD experience that delivers 0% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

We strive to build this trust by being generous with education and information, with extensive focus on compliance from plant to product.

PJ Moffett, Director of Supply Chain
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How are you currently creating a unique experience? 

Wild by Nature offers different types of products. For instance, we have a strong sublingual tincture line (products that are placed under the tongue to dissolve), and these are available in three size types. 

We feel our price points are aggressive and offer the consumer strong value for the money. Plus, we offer a unique line of closed system CBD vape products which come in four flavours, and we take a botanical approach to create our offerings.

We’ve heard that many people feel that while they like CBD, they’re not thrilled with the taste. Made from only natural ingredients we believe our flavours are unique while offering a sensory experience and ensuring our CBD is highly soluble.

Our natural tincture flavours are:

  • Serene: Lavender, Rose & Hibiscus
  • Inspire: Wild Lime & Lemon
  • Fresh:  Apple & Mint  (my personal favourite)
  • Escape: Mango & Pineapple
  • Chill: Mint Menthol Spearmint
  • Balance: Passionfruit & Lime

Working hard and staying bumble

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We look to our muse, The Bee, for inspiration in defining our brand’s vision, values and guiding principles, across all areas of the business.

This includes our products and people, through to the impact on the communities we connect with. The humble bee symbolises community, brightness and personal power, gently reminding us of the importance of harmonising with our environment to restore balance to our world.

We’re also a proud Pollinator Partner. This means we donate a portion of our sales to their efforts to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education and research. 

Above all, Wild by Nature is a brand that was constructed around the idea of feeling free and unencumbered by the world around us; something that’s becoming harder to achieve with every day that passes. The feeling of wild is only possible through a culture of trust that was lacking in the CBD category.

Wild by Nature looks at CBD not as just an ingredient, but as a holistic lifestyle shift. We take pride in supporting the consumer, helping them to strengthen mental and physical wellbeing.

What’s next for the brand?

Inspired by the world-famous Californian lifestyle and innovative landscape, we created a foundation in Newport Beach – and we want to take this further afield – globally. Our ambition is to provide CBD wherever regulation permits, and whenever that may be, and our vision is to become a leader in the CBD space, helping the category grow as a whole.

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