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From scooping up an award from the Sunday Times to attending the eCommerce Expo in London, let us fill you in with some of the exciting stuff we’ve been up to over the last few weeks!

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An Award

Earlier this year, we were honoured to make the Sunday Times 100, which recognizes the fastest-growing companies in the UK. It was a true testament to everybody’s hard work here at James and James and reaffirms the dedication that each and every one of the team has for helping our clients grow without limits while offering unforgettable customer experiences.

We formally received the award on Thursday, 7 October, at a ceremony event hosted by The Sunday Times in London. Our Founder, James Hyde, and CEO, Emma Dempsey, headed down to London to collect the award and enjoyed an evening of celebration, drinks, and interesting hats.

Speaking about the award, James said:

“The eCommerce industry broadly benefited from Coronavirus restrictions, but has seen a number of challenges more recently with Brexit and now with a receding economy.”

“As a business, we’ve been working hard to help our clients continue to evolve and flourish, opening overseas fulfillment centres in the EU and USA. We support clients through the combination of our software and fantastic Client Services Team, who together provide detailed insights into how to optimise inventory and shipping costs. This is key when the economy is struggling.

“It’s fantastic to receive another award for our own growth, but helping our clients grow and learn is what it’s all about.”

Here’s our favourite picture from the event:

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A Talk

James has had a pretty eventful couple of weeks, as on Wednesday, 28 September, he gave an insightful talk, ‘How to grow your eCommerce business during a recession’, at the eCommerce Expo In London.

James covered a lot of ground during his talk, discussing all aspects of eCommerce such as customer service, operations, and logistics. There was a particular focus on how businesses need to adapt when times are hard, and in so doing, come out stronger at the other end.
It’s safe to say that attendees of the Expo were interested to see what James had to say, as finding an empty seat was akin to playing a game of Where’s Wally!

You can listen to an audio version of this talk below!

A Beanstalk

We spent a whole two days at the eCommerce expo, speaking with faces old and new about all things fulfilment and the eCommerce industry as a whole. As exhibitors, it was great to speak with some inspiring business owners about their challenges, successes, and aspirations, while exploring whether fulfillment could be the next step to take their business forward.

We don’t like to do things half-measure at James and James, and our stand at the event was a testament to that. To symbolize the fact that clients, on average, grow 52% year-on-year at James and James, we built our very own climbable beanstalk, crowned with a James and James flag. It’s fair to say that the fluorescent green tower drew in more than a few eyeballs, and it probably helped that you could see it from pretty much anywhere in the expedition room.

Now, our Beanstalk has moved to its permanent home at James and James HQ!

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