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Partnership offers eCommerce clients an all-round better international payments and fulfillment experience

James and James Fulfilment, a provider of outsourced fulfillment services to online retailers, has partnered with international payments company, WorldFirst; to offer dedicated fulfillment and payment services, and exclusive discounts that will help joint eCommerce clients maximize their global market opportunities.

Winner of the recent Queen’s Award for International Trade, James and James offers a seamless and cost-effective fulfillment service, supported by its proprietary cloud-based supply chain platform: CommandPort – a Warehouse Management System (WMS); ControlPort – an Order Management System (OMS); and ViewPort – a consumer-facing site that delivers value-added services to customers (e.g. live order tracking and easy returns). This real-time, cloud-based platform lets clients fulfill orders from multiple brands and channels in one place, manage and optimize inventory levels, identify optimum shipping services, as well as audit carrier performance.

WorldFirst has helped nearly a quarter of a million clients make international money transfers worth over £87 billion around the world. Clients don’t require local banking relationships to collect payments from over 60 marketplaces globally.

This partnership offers clients full access to both specialists in their respective fields; and for those looking to expand into new markets, this collaboration will ensure smooth entry. Moving into new territories can often be fraught with complications including difficulty in receiving payments and repatriating funds, leading to bad exchange rates, hidden fees and profit erosion. Poor quality fulfillment is also a common pitfall when working with overseas vendors leading to loss of reputation, lower sales and increased returns costs. Further, WorldFirst, who already offers competitive rates up to 85% lower than traditional high street banks, is giving James and James clients an exclusive discount, as well as a free FX health check and international payments requirements evaluation.

James Hyde, Founder of James and James Fulfilment commented of the partnership: “Our mission is to make it easy to do business with anywhere in the world, knowing you’re supported by people who understand your objectives and desired outcomes. As experts in our respective fields, this partnership is a natural fit and we have a shared objective and that is to help our clients maximize global market opportunities seamlessly and profitably”.

Tom Kiddle, Head of Commercial at WorldFirst UK concluded: “WorldFirst recognizes that we make up one small piece of the puzzle when it comes to international trade. That’s why we work with ecosystem partners like James and James to help to add value for each other’s customers. When we work together, it helps both our customers be more competitive and effective. Our tools and services go far beyond money transfers, to maximize growth, and make it easy to do business anywhere.”

About WorldFirst
WorldFirst is a UK based international payments company that helps businesses collect and send money by making global payments simple. Born out of the desire to create financial inclusivity, since launching in 2004 more than 240,000 customers have utilized WorldFirst to send more than £87bn around the world. WorldFirst provides a range of tools and services that go far beyond global money transfer, with hedging through forward contracts; local overseas currency accounts; easy integration with Xero and online marketplace networks. www.worldfirst.com

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