James and James migrates fulfillment software to AWS to support global scale-up

A James and James client tracks orders using ControlPort, which has now been migrated to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

James and James Fulfillment has migrated ControlPort – its Queen’s Award-winning order fulfillment software – to Amazon Web Services (AWS), enhancing its speed, resilience and scalability globally. The company joins eCommerce giants, from Amazon itself to Zappos, on the cloud-computing platform.

James and James first developed ControlPort in 2010, to bridge the gap between modern eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, and traditional logistics operations. Today, the platform provides warehouse management for James and James’s global network of fulfillment centers; order and inventory management for the 300+ online brands the firm works with; and real-time tracking and returns initiation for their customers.

The move to AWS will provide a more solid foundation on which James and James can scale and optimize its operations, as it brings an additional UK fulfillment center – six times the size of its current one – online over the next year. It will also provide a faster user experience and improved resilience, thanks to AWS’s global locations, near-instant automatic failover and advanced data security.

James Hyde, CEO and Co-founder, James and James Fulfillment, says: “AWS provides cloud infrastructure for many of the everyday services we take for granted – from banks to healthcare providers to government departments. As such, moving ControlPort to the platform will enable us to scale-up our service more effectively, for both the current surge in eCommerce demand and our future expansion globally.”

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