What is a fulfillment company?

A fulfillment company is an organization that processes the receipt, packing, delivery and return of customer orders for businesses.

Fulfillment companies enable businesses to outsource their order fulfillment, including goods in, warehousing, pick and pack, shipping and returns. A modern and technologically advanced fulfillment company will manage and streamline fulfillment processes via order fulfillment software.

Outsourcing order fulfillment processes and management to an expert fulfillment company allows businesses to focus on growth, instead of in-house warehousing, shipping, returns and inventory management.

A James and James team member packs an item in a box, as part of the order fulfilment process

Why use a fulfillment company?

Businesses often choose to outsource their customer orders to a fulfillment company for three purposes:

1. Improve inventory management

Fulfillment companies can manage orders and inventory accurately and effectively, and advanced order fulfillment software gives businesses valuable insights through high-quality data. Benefits include easy inventory accessibility via cloud-based technology, accurate real-time stock visibility, batch tracking and optimization, custom reporting and more.

2. Improve customer experience

A fulfillment company can offer improved shipping options, branded packaging options and built-in order tracking and returns, to deliver perfect customer experiences. Benefits include rapid and cost effective dispatch, real-time updates to customers, simple returns for customers and more.

3. Enable rapid growth

By providing order fulfillment services that can quickly scale to demand, ship to new markets and satisfy customers, a fulfillment company gives businesses the time and confidence to focus on growth. Benefits include meeting seasonal, promotional or new product order demand, international shipping, reducing time spent in-house on fulfillment processes and more.

How to choose a fulfillment company?

Outsourcing fulfillment to a fulfillment company is an important business decision, and it’s critical to choose the right partner. From ensuring seamless integration with your existing eCommerce platform to delivering flawless brand and customer experiences, businesses should choose a fulfillment company based upon how they can provide the most effective solution for their individual needs.

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