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eCommerce Fulfillment Across the US

Enjoy fantastic benefits that extend beyond storage, picking, packing, and shipping.

Our solution combines rapid fulfillment, industry-leading customer service, and award-winning technology. On average, our clients achieve a remarkable 51% year-on-year growth with us.

So enjoy shipping discounts and partner access, and elevate your business with our efficient and customer-centric approach.

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Discover complete visibility and control with J&J


Custom-built, award-winning tech

An award-winning Inventory Management System, ControlPort. Built by us, managed by us, and improved by us.

Real-time tracking, for you and your customers

Real-time tracking updates on all of your items, from the moment they enter our facility to the moment they reach your customer.

A vast selection of courier partners

A large range of courier services to choose from, from Royal Mail to DHL, DPD to UPS. We’ll help you choose the most cost-effective option.

Protective picking and packing

With 98% of orders shipped same-day and 99.9% picked and packed accurately, we’re industry leaders in speed and accuracy.

A growing international network

All-inclusive access to our network of fulfillment centers in the UK, Europe, United States and Australia (with more on the way). Send your products anywhere in the world – fast.

We’ll keep your products safe

Super clean and super safe storage, with detailed, transparent cost breakdowns. Only pay for what you use – no hidden extras.

But that’s far from everything

You’ll receive a whole host of additional services at no extra cost.


Business intelligence software

Get in-depth data about your inventory, performance, costs, and So much more with advanced business intelligence tools baked into ControlPort.


Opportunities to work with eCommerce partners

We’ve tonnes of top tier partners you can work with, including American Express, Macfarlane Packaging, and many more.


A continuously evolving eCommerce platform

Our tech team is constantly improving and adding new features to ControlPort. Updates are prioritised based on customer feedback, helping us make it work best for you.


Shipping discounts

We ship a lot of amazing stuff from our fulfillment centers. That means we get exclusive discounts from our carrier partners, and we pass those discounts onto you.


Personal support – no robots allowed

We have fulfillment experts at the end of the phone or on email whenever you need them. Our pod-based customer support teams mean you’ll only ever speak with the same few people, not a different person every time!


We’re building an international brand with a reputation for high-performance garments. We see James and James as an important partner in this global marketing strategy.

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