Maximize Your Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Holiday Sales with our free white paper

The front cover of the white paper Plan for Peak Season: Maximizing Your Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Holiday Sales

In this 12-page white paper – updated for 2019 – we look at four key areas that will make or break your peak season sales:

  • Dates: discover the key shopping days of 2019 and when to prepare for them
  • Operations: learn how to deliver a brilliant customer experience, even at your busiest times
  • Returns: improve your profitability with advice on reducing and handling product returns
  • Fulfillment: ensure your fulfillment center doesn’t crumble, as peak season orders flood in

Simply tell us your name and email address, to get your free white paper – and a wall planner covering all the key dates too.

Learn from the peak season specialists

Established in 2010, James and James Fulfillment has seen Black Friday / Cyber Monday grow exponentially over the years.

Over peak season, our clients’ daily order volumes increase by as much as 3,000% – and we ensure every order is picked, packed and shipped on time.

In this white paper, we share the lessons we’ve learned doing this, offering advice on how to make 2019’s Black Friday to Holiday period your best ever.