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06 Jul 2022

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“What a brilliant event. I had no real idea what to expect, both in terms of the event itself and the new fulfilment centre. Both were just fantastic! It was lovely to have an opportunity to share my story and I had no idea I was going to meet so many interesting people. The James and James staff were all so lovely, friendly and welcoming – and were genuinely excited to show us all around. I very much look forward to coming to more events in future!”

Hanna Sillitoe, Dragons’ Den Entrepreneur and Skincare Expert

“What a great day…finally to be at an event with real humans! Thank you so much for having me on your panel to represent Cooper Parry discussing scaling up in the post-Brexit and post-Covid world. My takeaway was, yes it’s a new world in 2021, and maybe it’s a bit complex but with a positive mindset, a willingness to learn and the right partners who care about your business…this new world is your oyster!”   Emma Robotham, Indirect Tax Senior Manager, Cooper Parry

“It was a fantastic meeting, I’m really happy to have attended!”   Silvina Neder, Model, Actress, Influencer

The Scale Up events, hosted by James Hyde

Founder, James and James Fulfilment

In 2010, James Hyde, Founder of James and James Fulfilment, was struggling to find a suitable fulfilment provider for the online honey seller he was working for at the time. They all ran on paper-based systems with limited traditional distribution processes. No one out there offered web-based technology to connect with eCommerce platforms to process orders automatically.

The result was ControlPort, a cloud-based (and award-winning) order fulfilment platform. With the ability to retrieve orders from online stores in real-time (rather than from a delayed CSV upload), manage the pick and pack process without paper (increasing accuracy and efficiency), and providing both online stores and their customers with live information on their inventory and orders, this innovative, one-of-a-kind solution quickly took off.

Fast forward to today, James and James is now one of the fastest-growing organisations in the UK, with operations extending to the US and EU. James hosts our regular Scale Up events and advises on fulfilment best practice in the UK and overseas.

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James and James Fulfilment

It all began in 2010, when James Hyde and James Strachan couldn’t find a modern shipping service for the eCommerce business they ran. Faced with messy warehouses based on out-dated systems, they decided to build their own.

We’ve not stood still since, helping hundreds of online brands scale up – and scaling with them.