New feature: enhanced fraud control for Shopify

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At James and James, we continuously ask our clients for feedback so we can create a platform that works even better for them. We’d like to share a highly requested update to ControlPort; enhanced fraud control for our Shopify clients. 

What’s new?

We’ve introduced a new ControlPort configuration for Shopify channels that allows our clients to have more control over potentially fraudulent orders. 

Shopify has had a built-in fraud recommendation feature that tells you if an order has a low, medium, or high chance of incurring a chargeback due to fraud.

Our new feature (when enabled) allows Controlport to automatically consult Shopify’s fraud recommendation tool at point-of-sale, and you can choose what happens at each risk level.

This feature is completely optional, and you’ll still be able to hold orders at a specified monetary amount if you’d prefer. 

How to enable enhanced fraud control for Shopify

Enabling this new feature is simple, and will take you less than two minutes. Head to your ControlPort dashboard, and click Settings > Your channels > Shopify > Configure > Fraud Control. 

Then, under ‘Risk Level’, you have one of three options: Hold nothing, Hold high only, Hold medium and high. Select your preferred option and you’re all set!

Why we’ve made this change

This new feature benefits our clients in a number of ways:

  • Reduces the chances of fraud from occurring
  • Further automates the anti-fraud process, saving you time
  • Gives you a greater degree of control and flexibility 

We’d love to hear your feedback regarding this update, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any comments you may have. Likewise, if you need help with the set-up, feel free to contact our Client Services Team on +44 (0)1604 968 821.

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