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Protein Empire is an innovative sports nutrition brand that aims to serve the highest-quality and best-tasting products available on the market. Founded in 2015, Protein Empire were setting up their new business when they began looking for a competitive and premium fulfillment service.

James and James provides everything required to run a growing eCommerce business successfully.

William Evans,
Managing Director

The Challenge

Protein Empire needed a warehouse that could hold stock, keep it secure and provide reliable next-day delivery with one-hour slots. As supplements come with best-before dates, they also required strict batch control, enabling them to manage batches and minimize stock.

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What we created

We listened to Protein Empire’s exacting requirements and growth plans. With our help, the brand would be able to go to the next level of scalability. The team provided Protein Empire with easy to understand, competitive pricing, detailing how rates are reduced with larger order volumes.

On top of this, we presented a wide range of shipping and carrier options, from standard to next-day delivery services, to give their customer base even more choice. Our ability to provide a next-day service with one-hour delivery slots ensures their customer base is consistently delighted.

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What we delivered

With access to ControlPort, Protein Empire can view and control their orders efficiently in real time. A live inventory feed that connects directly to Protein Empire’s website ensures they’ll never sell a product they don’t have, so will never disappoint a customer. The system also provides Protein Empire customers with live tracking, from the moment an order is placed through to delivery to their door.

Our software also enables batch and best-before date control, which ensures that Protein Empire are able to reduce wastage and can always trace batches back to individual customer purchases.

From day one, Protein Empire’s online sales have been strong and grow at a rate of roughly 50% month-on-month. James and James provide the flexibility necessary for brands like Protein Empire to grow quickly, but without them having to make huge strategic investments in warehouses, equipment, software and staff.