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Our wholesale orders update is live, and we’re super excited for you to see the improvements! We’ve made the process a lot more user-friendly, easier to follow, and added a bunch of new features to boot! Here’s what you can expect from the new update:


  • We’ve cut down the time it takes for you to place wholesale orders to our fulfilment centres
  • You can now add more detail upfront to reduce communication costs and potential delays
  • We’ve streamlined the way we do things to speed up processing times
  • More consistent wholesale delivery requirements, and greater clarity
  • There’s now better reporting on special order types
  • Addresses can now be added to orders for collection
  • New order instructions give you greater control over how we pick, pack, and ship larger orders

New features 

New order page

  • The add new order screen has been streamlined, quite literally, into five work streams
  • This includes adding new order types, which can also be used for filtering and reporting
    • Standard
    • Wholesale (includes old Amendments)
    • Destroy
    • Rework
    • Non-standard
  • Fields have been reorganised, along with some on page validation, to make it faster and easier to complete

Wholesale orders

New functionality has been added to make it easier to place wholesale and B2B orders within ControlPort.

  • Order type specifically for “Wholesale”
  • Grouping of fields which are specific to wholesale orders for ease of use
  • Check box for orders which require a dated or timed delivery slot (freight orders only)
  • Estimate of pick fees shown in advance
  • “Amendments” have been removed and replaced with more specific “Order instructions” (see below)
  • Order instructions can now be added on the same page, without having to save and then revisit the order

Large order pack process

  • We have made updates to how we pick large orders to better consolidate the SKUs onto multiple pallets
  • Larger orders will now be sent to a separate, dedicated packing team

Order instructions

To cut back processing times,  we’ve introduced ‘order instructions’, to allow you to provide more detailed information on the three key areas for successful wholesale order processing:

  • Packing requests (full cases, 4 per box etc, showing example text in input box)
  • Attach labels (with text box for comment, showing example text in input box)
  • Transport (with example text)

Collection of standard orders

Collection is no longer permitted on standard orders. The new functionality above will make this process clearer and prevent confusion.



Backend improvements

We’ve released new reports and filtering for our team leaders providing greater visibility for each of the new order types, as well as clearer on screen information to aid processing them.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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