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Organic Fulfilment Warehouse

Organic Certified

James and James Fulfilment are one of very few certified organic warehouses. Soil Association organic certification means your stock and orders are handled to meet your own organic licence requirements. The Soil Association standards apply not just to foods and supplements, but also to organic cosmetics, skincare, hair products and soaps.

What is Organic Fulfilment?

This type of fulfilment meets standards set by a certifying body to supply organic goods. A fulfilment company must show compliance with various legislation to become a certified organic warehouse. This currently includes 834/2007 governing the storage of organic food.

Being fully certified as an organic warehouse and fulfilment centre allows James and James to process both your eCommerce retail and trade orders containing organic products to the high standards laid down by the EU, DEFRA and the Soil Association.

Our Certified Organic Warehouse

organic fulfilment

As part of the certification, the James and James UK warehouse and fulfilment process is regularly inspected to ensure:

  • Staff receive adequate training
  • We maintain good levels of staff hygiene
  • We have regular and documented cleaning schedules
  • There are strict processes for the receipt of goods
  • There are methods of accurate stock control, including records at batch level
  • We keep examples of product labelling/packaging for all products in our warehouse

Why choose Organic Fulfilment?

If you sell organic products it will be a requirement of your organic license that you need to use an organic certified fulfilment house. Even for brands who sell non-organic food, supplements and skincare products, this additional level of certification will give you and your customers confidence in the fulfilment process.

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